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Things I worked on, or any other stuff that relates to me working.

20 year career anniversary

Work My previous post about Romans alerted me to the fact that this summer, it is 20 years ago that I started my working life.

Updated demo reel

Work My previous demo reel was already 2 years old, and in need of heavy updating. So hereby I present you with the 2012 reel showing off my video work.

Omroep Rijnwoude website redesign

Work Today I launched the new website of Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude, after an extended period of development.

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Dutch municipal elections 2010

Work A month ago we had municipal elections in the Netherlands. Although I didn't vote, I did lots of stuff to support different campaigns, and with great results. The biggest I did was to make a video registration of the election debate in Rijnwoude.

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Back in the loop

Work Oh my, have I become too sloppy with work updates again? A short overview.


Work Creating some images, and walking around The Hague, with Rob.

Fashion model

Work She looks a bit like a fashion model, doesn't she? Picture taken as I was showing beautiful Madalina the Netherlands.

Through different glass

Work Recently I took my first steps into the wonderful world of internet video publishing. As promised and requested, this post describes some of the finer details behind it.

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Life update

Work A lot of changes since the last update. This either means a lot is happening, or I don't post updates often enough. Since I hear no one complaining about the lack of updates, I'll assume it's the former.

Light, flash and clay

Work Last weeks assignment took me to a few local artists. The pictures never turned into a reportage, but I wanted to shine some light on this particular image.

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Life update

Work It's been very quiet around here the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update.

Lighting glass

Work A company gift turned interesting photography project. As a thank you for my services, the people at Directie Mobiele Diensten gave me this laser-engraved C2000 basestation.


Work My volunteer work for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude took me to Schiphol Airport yesterday, to take pictures of a 63 year old Douglas DC-3.

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Working for the man

Work After I quit my job last December, I've had a nice long vacation, before being picked up for another job.

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Change before christmas

Work It seems to be that time of the year; I'm switching again. And not to a Mac, you cheeky monkey.

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Political Polling Publication

Work Parliamentary elections will take place on November 22th in The Netherlands. In the period before the elections several organizations attempt to predict the outcomes of this elections.

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Change in the air

Work The end of the summer brought, besides lots of rain, change and new opportunities.


IBUC 2006

Work The coming week I'll be attending the 10th International Blaise Users Conference, and as such be a little harder to reach.

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Local elections basic training

Work Municipal elections are just around the corner in the Netherlands. on march 7th, the people will be voting for their local government.

Alphen Eagles

Sports and geeks don’t mix very well

Work Strangely, I found a way in which the two do mix. A couple of weeks ago an old school friend invited me to come and watch the training of his American Football team.

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Work. work. vacation!

Work About a week after concluding my work at Zappwerk, I got an offer to help out one of the largest ad agencies in the Netherlands.

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Weblogs definitely suck

Work Or, probably the reverse, I suck at weblogging. Therefore, only a small update.

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Busy little bee

Work Just a quick update. I've been (and still am) rather busy. Started this week with the final project for school. In a group we're going to make a documentary, in a very short timeframe.

Inside the tunnel.

Hsl tunnel project pictures

Work In 2007 the Netherlands will become part of the Trans-European network of high-speed rail links. The HSL will link Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

vvd-rijnwoude website

New site released

Work Early this week was the long expected release date for the brilliant new website for the local political party, the VVD.