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Website I finally jumped off the cliff, and migrated hayobethlehem.nl to Wordpress. But why? I hear you ask.

HayoBethlehem.nl V13

Website Three year after the previous effort, it was time for a re-style of this website.

Website revision 12.1

Website I completed the half yearly maintenance update to the website, bringing some changes.

HayoBethlehem.nl V12

Website 2010. We're living in the future! Time to update the website again. To celebrate this new decade, I'm introducing new technology, and discarding some old.

HayoBethlehem.nl V11

Website It was time again for another style update to the website. Please try a hard refresh of the page to update the stylesheet and images.

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On content delivery

Website Some changes to the website and how to integrate content in your website.

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A few changes

Website Recent changes and notes for this website.

HayoBethlehem.nl V10

Website This website has been pretty boring since February. There were a few reasons for that. I'll be talking about those in future posts. I did use the lull productively, as I hereby launch my freshly improved website. You may need to refresh your cache.

Flickr is dead

Website As of today I'm no longer actively using my Flickr account to post pictures, and moving all activities back to this website.

hayobethlehem.nl v9

Hayobethlehem.nl V9

Website Today we can celebrate the tenth anniversary of my presence on the intarwebs. On this exact date in 1996 I launched my very first attempts at web design.

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Blog ethics

Website Thoughts on what to publish on your weblog, and what you should leave. No, this is not a stab at 37 signals, if you thought so, please move along.

Hayobethlehem.nl V5

Hayobethlehem.nl V5

Website After more then 7 years of blue limbo, the site suddenly changed its colour. Amazing. Why?

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Website Now that the Atom 1.0 specification is pretty much final and waiting for approval, I have updated my feeds to the new standard.

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Flickr is boring

Website Some updates on the custom application that powers my photo albums.

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The scourge of referrer spam

Website If you keep track of referrers to your website, no doubt you have come across this problem.

hayobethlehem.nl v4

Hayobethlehem.nl V4

Website I've been tinkering with the design for a bit. You'll notice you no longer have to hug your screen to read anything. Not that there's anything wrong with hugging your screen, It's now optional.

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Website On problems with multiple language websites.

Hayobethlehem.nl V3

Hayobethlehem.nl: reloaded

Website Finally the wait is over. Coinciding with the May 1 reboot and the expansion of the European Union, this could be as good an occasion as any to release V3 of HayoBethlehem.NL!

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May1st reboot and roundup

Website Needless to say, we returned from London unharmed, though Zef was strip-searched once.

The new website.

Recent website updates

Website Real hardcore hayobethlehem.nl fans (If they exist, please let me know!) might have noticed some tiny changes in this website. For those less frequent visitors (note: all of you), here's a little update.

The new website.

New Site design online

Website It took me 3 weeks, on holiday in Denmark and Sweden, but the new site is finally completed.