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Twips primer

Whilst working for the website department of Dutch telecommunications company KPN, several months ago, we discovered an annoying CSS display problem concerning the resizing of boxes. We assumed it had to do with browser rendering problems, but the problem was a lot more interesting than that.

Thoughts on HTML5

I have an issue with the HTML5 draft specification. I hadn't read it before, but poked around in it yesterday. I've come to the conclusion it's not what I want.

My top 9 social web applications

Seeing my last few posts in this section have been a bit negative, I thought it was time to do a more constructive article. Thus I present you my social web-applications top 10 9, consisting of the services I use (sorry, couldn't think of a number 10) and my thoughts on them.

Clogged tubes

Happyclog started back in 2004 as a loose group of standards-aware webdesigners. The initiative to meet up once a while and talk about standards, state of the web, the universe and everything, remained nameless until august 2005, when the group name was first coined.

POS Acronyms

A small rant on the rebranding of well known industry terminology to Pointless Or Silly Acronyms.

Rijnwoude.nl Redesign

Today the municipal government of my home town released a restyled website (5 days too early). At the committee meeting a few weeks ago they were really proud of it. The result is something that makes a grown man cry.

Webdesign predictions 2007

As 2006 comes to a close, it is time to review the webdesign predictions for 2007.

Widescreen Website Woes

This morning my mood really soured south when a project manager insisted a certain website should be designed for 1024x768px resolution.

Social tagging is evil

Lots of so-called "Web2.0" applications use social services to enhance their product experience. Lets discuss one of them.

Easy website performance testing

Now DHTML is back in the form of presentational javascript, it's always interesting to see how all these scripts influence the performance of a website.

Webstandards in Visual Studio 2005

One of the things i'm working on Is the development of Visual Studio 2005 templates for web applications. These will be used internally, in a large organisation.

A couple of questions for Faruk AteĊŸ

To celebrate the launch of his improved website, I had a little chat with Faruk, whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

On pagerank

My father is a Statistician, and encountered a nice article on Google Pagerank in one of the occupational magazines.


An easy question: How to sell web standards to political parties, or let them make an issue out of it?

Buzzword bedazzlement

The webdesign world has been more occupied with inventing buzzwords lately then writing quality content.

Much ado about clogs

For the two years or so, a group of Dutch bloggers from the web standards scene have been getting together at meet ups, chatting and e-mailing together, organising things together.

IE7 beta redux

I got my hands on the Internet Explorer 7 Beta. Here some first impressions.

Webstandards back in perspective

Sometimes you get the feeling all web standards discussion is getting a bit esoteric. XHTML versus HTML or Atom versus RSS discussions, for example are all great in the name of science, but let's hop back to the real world for a second.

Webstandards adoption policies

It's getting harder and harder to ignore web standards in Europe. Did you know the European Union has all kinds of web standards in their on-line publishing guidelines?

XHTML, HTML, media types

While the webdesign has been immersed into the new found beauty of standards based design, People in the higher echelons are discussing the merits of XHTML versus HTML and media types.

Plugins illegal?

Via Slashdot come news that Microsoft has lost a court battle against what appears to be a small, opportunistic company called Eolas.



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