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For a long time I shot video semi-professional. This category holds a collection of those videos.

Project video for Zonnigdak

This was the first time I did a "full stack" commercial video production, so I thought it might be interesting to take you through the process.

Torc waterfall

During my holiday in Ireland I took the time to properly test out my Kessler Pocketdolly.

Farmers golf tournament

Last Sunday i spent the afternoon in the sun, on the grasslands near Hazerswoude dorp. I was there to shoot the Farmers golf tournament.

New years reception Rijnwoude

I’ve been shooting the new year reception of the municipal government for the past few years, but usually the quality of the content is so bad that I decide not to use it.

Local radio station promo

For the launch of the new website of Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude, I decided to shoot a new promotional video of the local radio station, specifically about its radio broadcasting facilities.

Christmas market in Hazerswoude

Some local entrepreneurs decided to organise a Christmas market in Hazerswoude-Dorp. I went out there for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude to shoot a short impression of what it was like.

Interview with Arend Jan Boekestijn

This week I shot a short interview with ex-politician Arend Jan Boekestijn. It was a year after he launched his book "De prijs van een slecht geweten", about the failure of humanitarian aid.

Municipal council meeting

Last week the Rijnwoude municipal council had a special meeting where they invited someone of the provincial government to explain their views on the upcoming merger plans.

Churches in Rijnwoude

During national monument day all monumental buildings in the municipality were open to the public. This year, we took a look at some of the churches.

Queen Beatrix visits Boskoop

The queen stopped by in the nearby town of Boskoop, to open the new Flora-building. We managed to get accreditation for the press pool, and made a little video.

Roman legionnaires in Archeon

Every year the local archaeological theme park has a contigent of Roman soldiers visiting. This was a good moment to try out the new wireless microphone system.

Balloon trip

Last year I got a nice birthday present, and finally found time to use it. This is the video I shot of my balloon trip.

Trekkertrek 2010

It was time for Trekkertrek again, so I went out to shoot it. Unfortunately the weather turned extremely moist quite soon, so I didn't get as much material as I'd want. It was a good test run for the new wireless microphone rig though.

Basin unvealing

Unveiling of a basin for catching and temporarily storing rain water to prevent flooding. A short news item, shot by the book.

Hazerswoude cycling race 2010

Every year a cycling race is organised in Hazerswoude-dorp. Lots of people come to participate, and to watch from the sidelines how the cyclists whittle away at the 60 lap 1km course.

D66 elections bus tour

During the campaign of the 2010 Dutch parliamentary elections I was invited to one of the bus tours of liberal party D66. They asked me to shoot this video.

New toys for fire department

The Hazerswoude fire department took delivery of their new firetruck and invited the media for an unveiling.

Bollenrit 2010

Last sunday some locals organised the third instalment of the classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

Spanbeton temporary bridge

Spanbeton is a concrete construction company from Koudekerk that had trouble getting their huge products across the river Rhine.

Some old video content

Here's a video I shot last year, when I just took control of the new sony Z5e.

Opening of childrens forest

A large event with lots of national celebrities, to open a forest, planted to remember children who fell victim to cancer.

Benthuizen fire department

A video of the new facility for the Benthuizen fire department. The firemen showed me around, and we had a little fun making an action movie.

Shooting transformers

On Friday September 4th a huge transport moved through my home town of Hazerswoude-Rijndijk. It took three days for the convoy of 3300000 kilo weighing power transformers to clear the town.

Hazerswoude summer market 2009

The Hazerswoude summer market closes the summer season with all kinds of activities.

Tug of war

Last wednesday I shot this movie for local media. It's a news item about the yearly tug of war contest.

Trekkertrek 2009

A video of the event of the year in Rijnwoude: Trekkertrek. A day of high powered tractor pulling, and all kinds of other fun activities.

Connexxion hybrid bus

A video of the new Connexxion hybrid bus, being test driven in Alphen a/d Rijn.

47th Rietveld rowing championship

A video of the traditional rowing championship in Rietveld, near Hazerswoude Dorp.

Shooting football

Last week I had my first attempt at shooting sports with a video camera.

Wind mill day 2009

During national windmill day I shot a short video of two local windmills.

Queensday 2009

During the festivities on Queens day, April 30th, I went out with my camera to film the local events.

Tree nursery museum

A video of a rare tree in the tree nursery museum in Boskoop.

Bollenrit classic car rally

Last Sunday some locals organised a classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

Oldschool Woubrugge

A short video of the bridge in Woubrugge. Experimentation with post processing led to a short video trying to recreate that old film look and feel.

Medieval times

A short clip of the medieval section in archaeological theme park Archeon. Also throwing some Premiere pro filters around to see what sticks.

Municipal merger debate

The first HD video I shot with the Z5 for Stichting Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude. It details a municipal council meeting in Boskoop, where the members debate their unhappiness with the cancellation of the merging process by Rijnwoude.


A short video to see how HD content holds up in my webplayer.

Finest moment

Whilst digging through my dvd collection, I came across the DVD my school made about Worldskills 2003. I ripped a part of it for your viewing pleasure.

Video content test

I've been moaning about adding video capability to my website for quite a while, and finally, here it is.

1814 relives in Archeon

Archeon was warped back in time, to the year 1814, the year when the Peace of Paris was signed. For the occasion, more then 300 members of the Napoleontic Association of the Netherlands provided an accurate reconstruction of military life during that time.

Ice skating in Koudekerk

It had not happened for a while, but finally the winter got cold enough for ice skating. This video gives an overview of the first cold weekend day when people could enjoy their skates.

Fire department contest

The local volunteer-run fire departments regularly hold contests to test their skills. Departments from the nearby region are invited to run the course, the best department wins a price.

RandstadRail lightrail first day

A video I shot during the first week of operation of RandstadRail, the lightrail network around The Hague.

The making of a documentary

When my group delivered the dvd documentary about Paleiskwartier in Den Bosch, we added this little making-off short on it.



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