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Visiting Chornobyl

The Chornobyl exclusion zone is a place of interest for nuclear physicists, urbex photographers and end of the world-fans alike. I happily found myself in the position to check it out.

Four days in Edinburgh

For the graduation ceremony of Zuzana's University degree, We had to pick a nice location. All options considered, Edinburgh turned out to be the best. We spent a nice long weekend exploring the city, celebrating, and eating lovely food.

City trip to Ottawa

My brother and I had the great opportunity to accompany our father on a business trip to Canada. He had to give a lecture at Statistics Canada, so we decided to stay for a week and walk around the city of Ottawa.

London weekend trip

London is a great city to visit. Having been there quite a few times now, the experience is always different. To celebrate my dad becoming special professor at the Leiden University, we decided it was time for a city trip.

Hybridconf in Cardiff

On invitation of Zach Inglis, I attended the conference he organised in Cardiff: HybridConf.

Travel to Slovakia

Another road trip through Europe, to Slovakia again.

Holiday on Malta

Fleeing the rain struck country of the Netherlands is usually a good idea, especially if the destination is a sunny island. Malta definitely ticked that box.

Roadtrip to Italy

We embarked on a road trip, headed for Pisa and Florence, respectively.

Wales roadtrip

My dad and I decided we wanted to visit the CVP video store near Birmingham. This plan turned into a road trip to Wales.

Back from Washington DC

A week worth of American experiences came to an end with my return from Washington DC.

Trip to Slovakia

At the beginning of may I went on holiday to Slovakia, and stayed there with my girlfriend at her parent's place.

Prague 2009

Yesterday evening I returned from an amazing long weekend in the Czech capital Prague. Here's a picture of the Carls bridge by night.

Egypt album published

Two months ago I went to Egypt and back again. Finally I managed to put some pictures in an album and throw that online.

Services resumed

Ahh yes. Two weeks go by way to quickly! On Sunday evening, I got off the airplane on Schiphol, arriving from Cork.

Gone again, off to Ireland

Those of you expecting regular updates from now on, should hold their breath for two weeks, as I will be on vacation to Ireland, starting Saturday.

A roadtrip through Scotland

The last two weeks I was away, on a grande tour of Scotland.

On small islands

Tonight I leave the Low Country on a plane for a short holiday on Lanzarote, a (hopefully) sunny island part of the Canary Islands.

Back from Norway

2 days ago I returned home from our road trip in sunny Norway.

Jeg trenger å øve på Norsken

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for a two week round trip through Norway.

Downunder 3: Heading north

The third and final part of the sage, in which the fellowship visits the smoldering ruins of the north island.

Downunder 2: Misty Mountains

Part two of the Saga of the Travels to the South of the Globe, in which our hero crosses the Tasman and arrives in New Zealand.

Downunder 1: Heading south

Tristan kept bugging me about writing something up about my travels to the wrong side of the globe. So here is part one of three.

How much is the fish?

Excuse me for sounding a bit incoherent, here's the reason why.

Off to Luxembourgh

Repeating 2002, I'm off to Luxembourgh, to join my dad at Eurostat. Update: got back, got snow. fun.

Back from Ireland

Three weeks of goodness come to a close.


I've been travelling a lot the last 12 month. A week ago I returned from a little trip to Carhaix, in France.

Off to london

Oh yeah, you know, school projects are such a drag. You have to go to London to interview people.

Bobsleigh stuff, or lack thereoff

This weekend I was away on a little trip to Winterberg, Germany. We were supposed to go watch the Bobsleigh World cup.

Back from holidays

On Monday the holidays will be over, and time for me to go back to work.


Fall break is generally boring, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I heard my father had to go to Luxembourg, to an Eurostat meeting.

Holland Tour 2002

Yesterday me and Matthijs went completely mad. We have had this crazy idea about travelling around in Holland for an entire day for some time now.

Back from holiday

My vacation in Sweden has come to an end, time to finish the site.



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