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The Romans in Holland

Last Friday I travelled to the local archeological theme park 'Archeon', as they had some Roman legionnaires over for two weeks. This offered a great opportunity for some photography, and possibly some conversations on life 2000 years ago.

Visiting the Delta Project

We just came back from a short trip to view the Delta Project, and a road trip through the Zeeland province.

Photographic archaeology

My dad was cleaning his attic, and found one of his old photo cameras. He gave it to me to tinker with it. So I started to research the little old Praktica a little bit.

200 year Kingdom concert

Celebrating the reinstatement of the Dutch monarchy 200 years ago, the Dutch government organised a number of events. I attended one of them.

The illusion of opinion polls

Mass media (radio, TV, newspapers) seem not to be very critical towards opinion polls. They simply accept poll results as news facts, and publish them without checking them. This overview of methodological problems of polls may help journalists to put opinion polls in a proper perspective.

European elections problems

The Netherlands have been used to electronic voting for years. But because of minor concerns, the whole process is now back to the middle ages. And then problems arise.

Ikea raid

Finally a nice day off, resulted in part two of my bookcase.

Terry Pratchett Discworld List

Finally the complete chronological list of all Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels, with the novels I own marked. Great for when I'm in the book store, and don't remember which ones I still need to get!


Proof of a wonderful dinner of home made sushi.

Last post of the year

I wish my millions upon millions of readers all the best for 2009. And let us hope for lots of great content on this website during that year!

Why the USA can’t join the EU

A case study of why the United States of America could never join the European Union, based on financial rules (as geo-political reasons are probably too obvious to point out).

Celebratory statement

It's always fun to reminisce the past. Today in ...

RijnGouwelijn: yay or nay?

The Province of South Holland has been talking about a light rail public transport connection between Gouda and Leiden, possibly stretching all the way to the North-Sea coast.

Photokina 2006

Just because we could, on Sunday me and my dad went to the Photokina Photography Trade show in Köln, Germany.

Spacy Conversations

Stuff you hear in the train can be quite interesting. Last week I was taking the train home from Delft. The train was quite crowded, but I managed to find a place to sit. During the stop in The Hague, two men sat down beside me. They started a heated debate on Dutch Space technology and the role our government should play in it.

Car Reviews: Opel Agila

For three weeks I had the pleasure of driving a car to a client. The good bit was, the car was provided by the employer. Not wanting to let this beautiful experience go to waste, I wrote up a little review.

Marketing misery

Experiences with press bulletins as seen from a local media perspective. For my work at the community radio station used to be chief editor for the TV channel, and therefore see a lot of press bulletins.

Google Earth Launches

Google has taken the wraps off of Google Earth, a standalone application that combines its Keyhole 3D satellite imagery with the best features of Google Local and Maps.

How to vote YES in a referendum

Voting has begun in the latest popular test of the European Union's constitution, in the Dutch referendum. A new poll shows 60 percent of voters here oppose the charter, five percent more than the number who rejected it in France.

On the European Constitution

The European Constitution is an important step in the construction of Europe. It is designed to meet the challenges of an enlarged Europe: a Europe of 25 Member States and 450 million inhabitants (and even more later on); a democratic, transparent, efficient Europe working to serve all Europeans. The European Constitution replaces the main existing Treaties with a single text.

The Bethlehem name thing

Often I get questions about my last name. Am I Jewish? Does my family come from the Israel area? Am I religious at all? The answers are no, no and no. But they lead me to research my past for a bit, and here are the results.

Van Cha’SaD vagh!

Another arbitrary increment on the chronometer. History begins at the point where we begin counting the time. That is the system that made us and to that psychology tells us to be in touch with the full of that history. Repression has to pay the price of repeating history. Not repressing means that we are confronted with the truth of why and what we didn't respect but actually have to.


Sinterklaas has arrived in The Netherlands again. Actually, he already arrived last week. Today his advance continued with a visit to my village. In the spirit of festivities I provide you with the Sinterklaas Layout.

Gmail. Fusion. Work.

So like all bloggers out here, I finally got a Gmail account. Apparently, this raises my Cool with +5. Update: All invitations spent. Better luck next time!

Congrats to Radio Rijnwoude

During the OLON Festival the local radio station won the first prize for best website for dutch local radio stations, and thus bagged some €500,- worth of prize money.

Back from Adobe expo

Adobe Systems had organized a series of events, to show creative professionals their new and improved line of products, named "Creative Suite". In a series of presentations an overview was given of the new products and new features of existing products.

Absent minded at werfpop

Today I accompanied the band Absent Minded to a local rock festival "WerfPop". I'm sort off the band's photographer.

Worldskills championship report

Last Thursday was in my opinion the conclusion of a wonderful couple of weeks.

Worldskills championship contender

As some of you might already know, on june 14th I will be going to Swiss, as part of the dutch national team that will participate in the bi-annual WorldSkills Competition.

Rijngouweroute light rail connection

The Province of South Holland is preparing a test with light rail between Gouda and Alphen a/d Rijn. This connection runs right behind my house. The test will last about three years and be split into the following phases.



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