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Better Video-conferencing

A few days ago, I saw the Dutch prime minister using the most dinky setup for teleconferencing. Sure, he was doing it for an Instagram Q&A session, and Instagram is an awful platform for good video conferencing tools. But still, it got my excited to write this post on my current more than ideal setup.

Olympus E-10 Camera Review

This is the second camera I ever owned. Lets take a trip down memory lane and see what this old timer was all about,

Nikon 105mm Macro lens review

The 105mm is currently the best Macro lens Nikon has on offer. I bought it to replace my 60mm Macro lens. Does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the investment?

Nikon 70-200 AF-S review

Recently I replaced my primary tele zoom with a shiny newer version.

Nikon AF-S 80-200 f2.8 review

After getting this lens back from repairs, I felt like it finally needed a review on my website.

Nikon D7100 review

After using the Nikon D7000 for a year, Nikon finally suddenly announced it’s successor. I quickly upgraded as the D7100 fixes most of the problems I had with the D7000. A short overview.

Nikon D200 versus D7000

After five year of having my Nikon D200 as a primary photo camera, it was time to upgrade. Budgets and the market what they are, I settled for the Nikon D7000. What are the differences?

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

The bi-yearly phone plan update had arrived, and I stood for the fairly difficult choice of a new mobile phone.

Sennheiser wireless audio

Last year, one of the items I shot ended up being used by a company on their website . Not short thereafter they agreed to sponsor us by buying a wireless audio set for the camera!

Nikkor 17-55 AF-S

In my series about camera equipment, it's time for an article about this particular lens.

Thinktank Streetwalker Pro review

To compliment my video kit I still needed a good backpack or shoulder bag that would fit the camera, and not be too massive. Today I finally stumbled upon the bag I was looking for.


A few months ago, the municipal government of Rijnwoude offered the local radio station a nice sum of money, to invest in cool projects. One of the items on the wishlist was a new videocamera.

Macro photography primer

Since Christmas 2007 I'm the proud owner of a Nikkor 60mm Micro Prime lens. This article contains a quick run-down of why this lens is made of awesome.

HTC Touch Diamond

As my usual two year Vodafone contract was coming to an end, it was time to renew, and pick a nice new phone. It became the HTC Touch Diamond.

Going wide

Recently I acquired an addition to my Nikon arsenal: the Tokina 12-24mm wide-angle zoom lens.

D200 and Nikon CLS

One of the fun things on the Nikon D200 is the build-in flash; it can be used to command groups of external Speedlight flash units.

Hemp flavoured goodness

Today I finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera bag. The low-down on my new National Geographic Earth Explorer shoulder bag.

Meet my new Nikon

Recently I acquired a brand new Nikon D200 DSLR. It will replace my D100 as main body.

Ancient history

A little bit on the first digital camera I used, a Sony FD91, all the way back in 1999.

21st century mobility

Got my new cellphone today. Apparently, I missed a couple of steps in mobile phone evolution.



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