Torc waterfall

Torc waterfall

During my holiday in Ireland I took the time to properly test out my Kessler Pocketdolly.

This ingenious piece of equipment sits atop my tripod, and helps me to move the camera horizontally. These slow movements add a little bit of spice to every shot, it creates depth where without movement there would be none.

The Torc Waterfall near Killarney in Ireland is situated in an idyllic forest, Close to the holiday home we were staying in, so a nice spot for some experimentation (allowing for some puzzled looks on the faces of various tourists). Shot with the Nikon D7100, using the Nikkor 17-55 AF-S f2.8. Audio comes through a RĂ˜DE Videomic Pro. I also used a 7" monitor on top of the camera, to get sharper focus.

It was quite fun shooting in nature like this. It takes a lot of patience, and you have to be quite careful. I almost slipped a few times, not a good thing to do lugging a 10 kilo tripod plus camera on your back. But the results were quite good, and this is actually the first video that got me any likes on Vimeo.

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