Hybridconf in Cardiff

Hybridconf in Cardiff

On invitation of Zach Inglis, I attended the conference he organised in Cardiff: HybridConf.

The conference was a mixture of talks about Front-end technologies and broader subjects, creating a bridge between developers and designers. For a first time organiser, I was extremely impressed by how well Zach and Laura pulled it off. The people were lovely, the food was excellent, and the venue, even if a last minute fix, was great. Holding the event in the massive movie theatre complex was a surprisingly good fit.

I didn't go to any of the social events (I'm not that social), but decided to spend the time with my wife. We picked out a great hotel, and spent time relaxing in the spa, walking through the lovely city, and visiting the Doctor Who experience.

Cardiff really surprised me as a city. It was absolutely lovely, and I wouldn't hesitate to visit again.

Browse through some pictures in this related photo album.

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