Roadtrip to Italy

Roadtrip to Italy

We embarked on a road trip, headed for Pisa and Florence, respectively.

I like to do road trips with my dad. This time, Zuzana also came along. Lured by the sunny weather no doubt!

The 2800 kilometre round trip took us through Germany, we stopped overnight in Switzerland and then proceeded over the Gotthard pass, into Italy. Our first stop was Pisa. The real reason for the trip was that my dad had to give a lecture at a conference organised by the University of Pisa. We stayed in a really old converted convent, and enjoyed strolling through the beautiful city.

After the conference finished we headed for Florence. We let ourselves be impressed by the buildings, food, ambience and art. It's one of those cities you just have to experience for yourself; pictures don't do it justice.

Browse through some pictures in this related photo album.

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