New years reception Rijnwoude

I’ve been shooting the new year reception of the municipal government for the past few years, but usually the quality of the content is so bad that I decide not to use it.

This year was, as expected, very bad. But I decided to run with it anyway. The Rijnwoude communications department had decided to, yet again, rent a facility with the most horrendous acoustics possible. The sound just bounces around the angled brick walls. The PA and amplification just exacerbate the problem.

I tried to remedy this by using an embarrassingly expensive directional microphone, whilst standing right in front of the mayor during her speech. Alas, it did not matter. To highlight the problem of acoustics, I just used the audio as-is and we made a snide comment about it, in the hopes that this would trigger the municipal government to change venues in the future.

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