Website revision 12.1

Website revision 12.1

I completed the half yearly maintenance update to the website, bringing some changes.

The news section is now called the articles section. This to make it look a little less linear. I deleted lots of old content, and will try to update current articles when needed, so the information I write about is always up to date. In an attempt to appear more relevant to Google, I also replaced the date based link structure with category based links.

There were some changes to the photography section, although really only the content. I added the Washington 2002 album, appended some pictures to Trip to Berlin and Slovenia summer 2003. Finally I upgraded the resolution of the images in the Ireland 2008 album.

The about section is now a bit clearer. I rewrote a bit of the content and changed the social media links. The network (link) section is now gone. If you want to be linked on this website, I suggest you place an interesting comment on one of the articles. The comment section that was fixed by Sjors!

Finally I changed the backend of the site. The "modify article" function had been broken for the last 5 years, and I finally came round to fixing it. The frameset that was still festering in that area is also finally gone.

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