HayoBethlehem.nl V12

HayoBethlehem.nl V12

2010. We're living in the future! Time to update the website again. To celebrate this new decade, I'm introducing new technology, and discarding some old.

What's out?

In short: Internet Explorer 6. 2010 is the year that Microsoft is stopping support of this dinosaur. So why should I support it? From now on, IE6 users get no styles at all. If we all did that, then maybe there would be faster progress in phasing it out.

What's in?

Anything else?

Some minor changes not many people will notice. As always, I hope the new style will get me to post more articles, but experience has taught us that that goal is usually not achieved ;)

I might get some questions about the header image. I shot the image during my Scotland trip in 2007. The winding road symbolises the long road ahead, and paths travelled.

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