Dutch municipal elections 2010

A month ago we had municipal elections in the Netherlands. Although I didn't vote, I did lots of stuff to support different campaigns, and with great results. The biggest I did was to make a video registration of the election debate in Rijnwoude.

Events like these are always kind of hard to shoot. You have to keep on your toes for 2 consecutive hours, never missing anything, watching where you walk, don't bump into anything, and try to get good shots whilst the politicians are actually saying something useful. After shooting, I had a sore wrist and an hour of footage to edit. That took me a while but finally managed to pull something together that resembled a wrap-up of the event.

Besides this general video work I normally do anyway, I also helped out the local branch of D66< by creating a campaign video. It was featured on their website, the national D66 website and on the local TV channel. It must have done some good: they won the elections by a landslide; quadrupling their seats on the council and becoming the biggest party.

Another victory was for Toetie Vorenkamp, a VVD member I helped with her personal campaign. The local VVD had placed her on the 7th place on the list, but thanks to our efforts she got so many preferential votes she earned her seat in the council on her own. The VVD was the other big winner of the elections, making their frontrunner one of the aldermen, and Toetie became political leader in the council.

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