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Christmas market in Hazerswoude

Video Some local entrepreneurs decided to organise a Christmas market in Hazerswoude-Dorp. I went out there for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude to shoot a short impression of what it was like.

Interview with Arend Jan Boekestijn

Video This week I shot a short interview with ex-politician Arend Jan Boekestijn. It was a year after he launched his book "De prijs van een slecht geweten", about the failure of humanitarian aid.

Back from Washington DC

Travel A week worth of American experiences came to an end with my return from Washington DC.

Municipal council meeting

Video Last week the Rijnwoude municipal council had a special meeting where they invited someone of the provincial government to explain their views on the upcoming merger plans.

Churches in Rijnwoude

Video During national monument day all monumental buildings in the municipality were open to the public. This year, we took a look at some of the churches.

Queen Beatrix visits Boskoop

Video The queen stopped by in the nearby town of Boskoop, to open the new Flora-building. We managed to get accreditation for the press pool, and made a little video.

Roman legionnaires in Archeon

Video Every year the local archaeological theme park has a contigent of Roman soldiers visiting. This was a good moment to try out the new wireless microphone system.

Balloon trip

Video Last year I got a nice birthday present, and finally found time to use it. This is the video I shot of my balloon trip.

Website revision 12.1

Website I completed the half yearly maintenance update to the website, bringing some changes.

Trekkertrek 2010

Video It was time for Trekkertrek again, so I went out to shoot it. Unfortunately the weather turned extremely moist quite soon, so I didn't get as much material as I'd want. It was a good test run for the new wireless microphone rig though.

Basin unvealing

Video Unveiling of a basin for catching and temporarily storing rain water to prevent flooding. A short news item, shot by the book.

Hazerswoude cycling race 2010

Video Every year a cycling race is organised in Hazerswoude-dorp. Lots of people come to participate, and to watch from the sidelines how the cyclists whittle away at the 60 lap 1km course.

D66 elections bus tour

Video During the campaign of the 2010 Dutch parliamentary elections I was invited to one of the bus tours of liberal party D66. They asked me to shoot this video.

New toys for fire department

Video The Hazerswoude fire department took delivery of their new firetruck and invited the media for an unveiling.

Trip to Slovakia

Travel At the beginning of may I went on holiday to Slovakia, and stayed there with my girlfriend at her parent's place.

Nikkor 17-55 AF-S

Gear In my series about camera equipment, it's time for an article about this particular lens.

Bollenrit 2010

Video Last sunday some locals organised the third instalment of the classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

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Dutch municipal elections 2010

Work A month ago we had municipal elections in the Netherlands. Although I didn't vote, I did lots of stuff to support different campaigns, and with great results. The biggest I did was to make a video registration of the election debate in Rijnwoude.

Spanbeton temporary bridge

Video Spanbeton is a concrete construction company from Koudekerk that had trouble getting their huge products across the river Rhine.

Some old video content

Video Here's a video I shot last year, when I just took control of the new sony Z5e.

HayoBethlehem.nl V12

Website 2010. We're living in the future! Time to update the website again. To celebrate this new decade, I'm introducing new technology, and discarding some old.