Shooting football

Shooting football

Last week, I had my first attempt at shooting sports with a video camera.

High Definition is a nice format for slow moving still pictures, and the progressive scan sensor might not be suited for fast moving action, or so I thought.

It didn't appear to be too much of a problem, after looking at the footage in Premiere. The choppy look kind of works when coupled with very fast zooming, which the Z5e nicely allows. Agreed, it looks completely different, but it's a look I really like. I look forward to trying more fast moving things like this.

The hardest part was basically keeping up with the action. After a while it gets easier to anticipate where the ball is going, but you still need to keep your full attention on what's going on.

I went filter crazy again in Premiere. I can't help experimenting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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