HayoBethlehem.nl V11

HayoBethlehem.nl V11

It was time again for another style update to the website. Please try a hard refresh of the page to update the stylesheet and images.

I agree I'm a bit early in my update cycle. For a while I had standardised on restyling every two years. This update comes exactly one year after the last one.


The previous design was fun to make, but it was really, really dark. It quickly became clear that a refresh would have to be lighter. That would help to make the site more readable.

What's new?

Well, it's not night any more. Also, I think the addition of some fresh colour really improves the experience. Beside the obvious visual change, I played a bit with CSS3 properties. This means the site doesn't look that nice on Internet Explorer, because that one doesn't support any of that. The site looks best on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Also, windows users should really activate Cleartype. And Internet Explorer 6 users should really just leave. I don't cater to obsolete software.

I've been working on the photo albums. The images in them were really small. A few months now I've been experimenting with bigger images, and finally settled on 600x400 pixels. I already updated a few albums with re scaled images.

The comment section looks a bit nicer, and I spent a bit more time on icons in the site. I hope you like it.

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