Bollenrit classic car rally

Bollenrit classic car rally

Last Sunday some locals organised a classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

Around seventy different cars (and owners) participated in the event . Besides just fun, it was also a fund-raiser for a charity project in South-Africa.

A good thing at these events is to watch the other media, how they are shooting it. Finally, there was one crew from RTV West , but inexplicably, they just stood in a corner with their camera on a tripod, not moving around at all (for a while now, my strategy has become "do whatever RTV West is NOT doing"). So I decided to leave my tripod in the trunk of the car, and used my video camera like a DSLR . Which meant shooting from the hip, and trying shots you usually wouldnt be able to get with a tripod.

Anyway, hope you like the result. If you have any requests for movies, don't hesitate to throw your ideas in the comment form!

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