A few months ago, the municipal government of Rijnwoude offered the local radio station a nice sum of money, to invest in cool projects. One of the items on the wishlist was a new videocamera.

And it finally arrived! The Sony Z5e is an awesome upgrade to the Canon XM2 I used until now. Some key features:

  • Manual controls for focus, zoom, and iris control.
  • Big and heavy (nicer to hold).
  • Stunning resolution, real 16:9 progressive scan HD images.
  • Included shotgun microphone and XLR inputs.
  • High resolution lcd display and viewfinder.
  • 29mm wide-angle lens.
  • lensprotection cap integrated in the lens hood (coming from the canon, yes this is a great feature)

I'll need a lot more time to find all the other cool stuff in the camera. Included in the delivery was also a big Kata camera bag for storage, and a new Manfrotto 501HDV tripod head which allows for very smooth movement of the camera.