A few changes

The most important bit: the Ireland 2008 photo album is now online. All worthwhile pictures of my trip there two weeks ago. Why did it take me so long? Eh, I'm a photo geek. So I first spend a week sorting through the images, and then another week editing them.

Further not much to report really. I added Internet Explorer 6 support to the website. If you know any fringe browsers that aren't yet fully supported, don't hesitate to keep that information to yourself.

Video support is coming soon too. Though I haven't found a way to get the player into a page gracefully. It still looks like it doesn't belong on the page. The content production problem is being tackled as well. Ah and I updated my resume, you can find that in the about section. It's still in Dutch though.

That's all there is to report really. I got some posts in draft, so who knows, you might see more the coming week.

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