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Last post of the year

Journal I wish my millions upon millions of readers all the best for 2009. And let us hope for lots of great content on this website during that year!

On the podium.

Finest moment

Video Whilst digging through my dvd collection, I came across the DVD my school made about Worldskills 2003. I ripped a part of it for your viewing pleasure.

Video content test

Video I've been moaning about adding video capability to my website for quite a while, and finally, here it is.

Macro photography primer

Gear Since Christmas 2007 I'm the proud owner of a Nikkor 60mm Micro Prime lens. This article contains a quick run-down of why this lens is made of awesome.

HTC Touch Diamond

Gear As my usual two year Vodafone contract was coming to an end, it was time to renew, and pick a nice new phone. It became the HTC Touch Diamond.

Fashion model

Work She looks a bit like a fashion model, doesn't she? Picture taken as I was showing beautiful Madalina the Netherlands.

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Twips primer

Webdesign Whilst working for the website department of Dutch telecommunications company KPN, several months ago, we discovered an annoying CSS display problem concerning the resizing of boxes. We assumed it had to do with browser rendering problems, but the problem was a lot more interesting than that.

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A few changes

Website Recent changes and notes for this website.

Services resumed

Travel Ahh yes. Two weeks go by way to quickly! On Sunday evening, I got off the airplane on Schiphol, arriving from Cork.

Gone again, off to Ireland

Travel Those of you expecting regular updates from now on, should hold their breath for two weeks, as I will be on vacation to Ireland, starting Saturday.

HayoBethlehem.nl V10

Website This website has been pretty boring since February. There were a few reasons for that. I'll be talking about those in future posts. I did use the lull productively, as I hereby launch my freshly improved website. You may need to refresh your cache.

1814 relives in Archeon

Video Archeon was warped back in time, to the year 1814, the year when the Peace of Paris was signed. For the occasion, more then 300 members of the Napoleontic Association of the Netherlands provided an accurate reconstruction of military life during that time.

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Thoughts on HTML5

Webdesign I have an issue with the HTML5 draft specification. I hadn't read it before, but poked around in it yesterday. I've come to the conclusion it's not what I want.

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Why the USA can’t join the EU

Journal A case study of why the United States of America could never join the European Union, based on financial rules (as geo-political reasons are probably too obvious to point out).