Working for the man

After I quit my job last December, I've had a nice long vacation, before being picked up for another job.

Right before I went on vacation to Lanzarote, I was contacted by an agency. They had a three month project for me at the Dutch Police, with the organisation that manages the digital nationwide network for secure mobile communications in the Netherlands: C2000.

The C2000 network encompasses more then 400 antenna sites, land lines and associated equipment and replaces almost 100 analogue networks. It is used by emergency services like fire departments, ambulances and the police. Surely, working in such an important organisation was an offer I couldn't refuse.

I started right after I got back from vacation, and am now working as web coordinator for the website; which primarily is an extranet site for the people working with C2000. It isn't a technical job as the last one, but more managerial in form. Executing and formulating maintenance plans, coordinating site authorization, that sort of thing.

The minor issue of travel distance was countered by Itera by providing me with a company car.

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