Life update

A lot of changes since the last update. This either means a lot is happening, or I don't post updates often enough. Since I hear no one complaining about the lack of updates, I'll assume it's the former.

In September my work at GBO.Overheid was finished, and Itera went looking for a new position. In the mean time they hired me as Junior projectleader to oversee the redesign of their own website. It's not something I did for long: on November 1st I started a new assignment at KPN. KPN provides telephone, Internet and television services through its fixed and mobile networks in The Netherlands. My job is to sanitise the CSS, and produce fixes for the freaky bugs the site has grown since its launch.

This new assignment meant a significant change for me in my employment terms, as Itera now offered me a permanent position as Consultant/interim professional. Which, of course, I gladly accepted. After years of unsteady income through project-work, I finally have some financial stability :)

Other interesting stuff can be summed up in one word: Video. The past few months I've been doing a lot of research into web-video-content creation, which recently finally culminated in me putting my first productions online. It took me a while to figure out how to best and quickly produce local content, but after releasing several items, I'm starting to get the hang of what to shoot, how to cut, and how to display multimedia content. I'll probably write a post on the finer points later, when I append a video bit to my photography section.

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