Flickr is dead

Flickr is dead

As of today I'm no longer actively using my Flickr account to post pictures, and moving all activities back to this website.

Flickr was a nice web application. When I started using it, it was really nice as you would get lots of feedback on your images, thus making it interesting to post more images. For me it was a social web app first, and a photo-sharing application second.

Over time certain patterns were emerging. People only tend to comment on pictures that are either funny or feature someone they know. The comments never really lead to anything you can learn from.

The only real method of getting better discussion is by pimping your pics around in hundreds of groups; something I really don't like doing.

So I took the decision to centralize my pictures once more. Sjors helped me extend my weblog back-end allowing for a special photolog format. I'll continue posting single pictures in this format. Complete albums will still appear in the album section.

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