Clogged tubes

Happyclog started back in 2004 as a loose group of standards-aware webdesigners. The initiative to meet up once a while and talk about standards, state of the web, the universe and everything, remained nameless until august 2005, when the group name was first coined.

One of the main topics during the Happyclogmeetups was what we could do to create awareness of webstandards in The Netherlands. Plans included the founding of a non-profit organisation, lectures, a conference, standards-consultancy, liaisons with WASP and the creation of courseware for schools.

Unfortunately, as it happens quite often with these kinds of initiatives, it fizzled out. A small core wanted to take further steps, most were content debating the steps.

One could argue our efforts have become irrelevant, as government guidelines now pretty much demand the use of webstandards. Education is still hopelessly outdated, but giving it time, courses will improve.

Even though we got loads of emails from people that were interested in seeing Happyclog grow into an organisation, the organization building plans were continually shot down by cloggers. Funnily, those plans have recently been used in the exact way we envisioned back in 2005. I wish PPK had been more supportive of our plans back then.

When the founder, Faruk, left the country to go work for Apple, the project came to a complete standstill. As fun as it was during 2004-2006, I’m left to conclude the best thing to do is to finally kill off Happyclog. The mailinglist is already dead, the website never changed from its first incarnation.

Not wanting any confusion to arise about the status of Happyclog, I think the time has come to declare it what it’s been for a few months: officially dead.

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