A roadtrip through Scotland

A roadtrip through Scotland

The last two weeks I was away, on a grande tour of Scotland.

We took the car, and drove for four hours to Calais. There we loaded the car on the train, and sped through the Channel tunnel. Quite an experience!

We proceeded to drive around London, and stayed in a Hotel near Wembley for a few days, to allow for some sightseeing in London. Another experience: Taking the M1 into the heart of London, in rush hour, with the warning signs for the congestion charge zone looming.

The trip continued north. We slept and looked around in York, and then went on with a round trip of the Scottish Highlands. It was raining most of the time. But that actually made the trip more interesting. I can't really imagine Scotland without rain and gloom now. It must look so weird in the sun. I came to love the gloomy atmosphere. It was so fitting!

We ended the trip in Newcastle. From there we took the night boat home to the Netherlands.

Browse through some pictures in this related photo album.

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