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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2007 .

The articles

Ice skating in Koudekerk

It had not happened for a while, but finally the winter got cold enough for ice skating. This video gives an overview of the first cold weekend day when people could enjoy their skates.

Through different glass

Recently I took my first steps into the wonderful world of internet video publishing. As promised and requested, this post describes some of the finer details behind it.

Life update

A lot of changes since the last update. This either means a lot is happening, or I don't post updates often enough. Since I hear no one complaining about the lack of updates, I'll assume it's the former.

Fire department contest

The local volunteer-run fire departments regularly hold contests to test their skills. Departments from the nearby region are invited to run the course, the best department wins a price.

Light, flash and clay

Last weeks assignment took me to a few local artists. The pictures never turned into a reportage, but I wanted to shine some light on this particular image.

My top 9 social web applications

Seeing my last few posts in this section have been a bit negative, I thought it was time to do a more constructive article. Thus I present you my social web-applications top 10 9, consisting of the services I use (sorry, couldn't think of a number 10) and my thoughts on them.

RandstadRail lightrail first day

A video I shot during the first week of operation of RandstadRail, the lightrail network around The Hague.

Clogged tubes

Happyclog started back in 2004 as a loose group of standards-aware webdesigners. The initiative to meet up once a while and talk about standards, state of the web, the universe and everything, remained nameless until august 2005, when the group name was first coined.

A roadtrip through Scotland

The last two weeks I was away, on a grande tour of Scotland.

Life update

It's been very quiet around here the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update.

Lighting glass

A company gift turned interesting photography project. As a thank you for my services, the people at Directie Mobiele Diensten gave me this laser-engraved C2000 basestation.

Celebratory statement

It's always fun to reminisce the past. Today in ...

POS Acronyms

A small rant on the rebranding of well known industry terminology to Pointless Or Silly Acronyms.


My volunteer work for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude took me to Schiphol Airport yesterday, to take pictures of a 63 year old Douglas DC-3.

Going wide

Recently I acquired an addition to my Nikon arsenal: the Tokina 12-24mm wide-angle zoom lens.

RijnGouwelijn: yay or nay?

The Province of South Holland has been talking about a light rail public transport connection between Gouda and Leiden, possibly stretching all the way to the North-Sea coast.

Working for the man

After I quit my job last December, I've had a nice long vacation, before being picked up for another job.

On small islands

Tonight I leave the Low Country on a plane for a short holiday on Lanzarote, a (hopefully) sunny island part of the Canary Islands.

D200 and Nikon CLS

One of the fun things on the Nikon D200 is the build-in flash; it can be used to command groups of external Speedlight flash units.

Flickr is dead

As of today I'm no longer actively using my Flickr account to post pictures, and moving all activities back to this website.



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