Change in the air

The end of the summer brought, besides lots of rain, change and new opportunities.

Following a job interview and a test project, I'm now officially a designer for Headline Interactive, a small internet agency based in Nieuw-Vennep. Working there since yesterday, my main function will be to design concepts, website interfaces, and all kinds of things that could be considered "multimedia".

After working on projects for several large clients, I felt my career was at a standstill. Sure, spreading web standards as a (x)HTML specialist is nice, but when you're constantly doing the same trick with no control over the usability of websites, it was time for change. This job as designer gives me that diverse working experience I've been looking for.

Working for clients like ING I intend to generate a wealth of experience from the other side of the yellow glasses. For those wondering, this will not affect the business I own with Sjors; Plerion.

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