Change before christmas

It seems to be that time of the year; I'm switching again. And not to a Mac, you cheeky monkey.

In other words, I’m pulling a Brian. After four months at Headline-Interactive, I’m moving on. Last week I handed them my notice. The 15Th will be my last day at work. Why I’m leaving you ask? I guess I got spoiled working on the cutting edge of standards based web design the last couple of years; I really couldn’t find a challenge here. After they also hired a great Senior Designer, there wasn’t much left for me to do.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great working with the people at Headline, and interesting to work for very large clients like ING. But in the end, the chair didn’t really fit me.

So what to do in the meantime? I’ll have a nice Christmas holiday, maybe do some projects for Plerion. In the new year, there’s a couple of challenges awaiting me; I got some great offers lined up. And of course any new offers will be considered :-)

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