Blog ethics

Thoughts on what to publish on your weblog, and what you should leave. No, this is not a stab at 37 signals, if you thought so, please move along.

Yesterday my dad pointed to an article I recently linked to on this site. It’s about how socialism doesn’t work, etcetera. He suggested I probably shouldn’t link to such “right wing propaganda”, as potential clients visit my website, and could be put off by that.

Whilst I agree that could happen, I disagree with not posting stuff like that. The reason I post these links is simple; they make quite interesting reading material, could provoke debate, or give valuable insights in stuff you didn’t know about. I rarely give a personal opinion on these political articles, so by no means that means I agree what’s being said in the articles. My opinion doesn’t really matter. The pieces are open to discussion (maybe I should enable comments on the linklog?).

But will this scare off potential employers or customers? Maybe. A lot of recruiters visit this site, yet I never heard them complain. If people don’t like my content or views, or would like to see specific other content, or have a different point of view, I hope they will contact me about it, so I can accommodate them, or at least debate the issues with them.

Keeping my mouth shut wouldn’t help open communication, now would it?

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