Back from Norway

Back from Norway

2 days ago I returned home from our road trip in sunny Norway.

This trip was the first time (apart from this test shoot) I got to use my new D200; The D100 stayed home for this one.

The D200 didn't have a learning curve like the D100, which tended to overexpose a bit, which needed to be compensated. The D200 produces real nice images without touching the settings, which makes it easier to experiment. I could always return to the basic settings.

Carrying the camera around took some getting used to. The D200 with the 17-55 attached is a lot heavier then the D100 with the Sigma 17-35 attached I previously used on trips. Thankfully my backpack could easily distribute the load; making 10 kilometre hikes through forested mountain areas a bit more bearable.

Walking around the cities of Oslo and Bergen, I noticed some peculiarities. In the morning you'd see tourists carrying Nikon digital slr's, and analogous single lens reflex cameras. But in the afternoon, the balance shifted, and you'd only see people with digital point-and-shoots and canon dslrs. Someone with a psychology degree want to hazard a guess to what behavioural patterns separate the Nikon/analogue shooters from the others?

This was only visible in the cities. In the countryside, most people were carrying non-digital cameras.

It was a great trip, and very relaxing. I've got a photo album on-line of the trip.

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