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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2006 .

The articles

Rijnwoude.nl Redesign

Today the municipal government of my home town released a restyled website (5 days too early). At the committee meeting a few weeks ago they were really proud of it. The result is something that makes a grown man cry.

Webdesign predictions 2007

As 2006 comes to a close, it is time to review the webdesign predictions for 2007.

Change before christmas

It seems to be that time of the year; I'm switching again. And not to a Mac, you cheeky monkey.

Hemp flavoured goodness

Today I finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera bag. The low-down on my new National Geographic Earth Explorer shoulder bag.

Political Polling Publication

Parliamentary elections will take place on November 22th in The Netherlands. In the period before the elections several organizations attempt to predict the outcomes of this elections.

Widescreen Website Woes

This morning my mood really soured south when a project manager insisted a certain website should be designed for 1024x768px resolution.

Photokina 2006

Just because we could, on Sunday me and my dad went to the Photokina Photography Trade show in Köln, Germany.

Social tagging is evil

Lots of so-called "Web2.0" applications use social services to enhance their product experience. Lets discuss one of them.

Change in the air

The end of the summer brought, besides lots of rain, change and new opportunities.

Back from Norway

2 days ago I returned home from our road trip in sunny Norway.

Jeg trenger å øve på Norsken

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for a two week round trip through Norway.

Meet my new Nikon

Recently I acquired a brand new Nikon D200 DSLR. It will replace my D100 as main body.

Hayobethlehem.nl V9

Today we can celebrate the tenth anniversary of my presence on the intarwebs. On this exact date in 1996 I launched my very first attempts at web design.

Easy website performance testing

Now DHTML is back in the form of presentational javascript, it's always interesting to see how all these scripts influence the performance of a website.

IBUC 2006

The coming week I'll be attending the 10th International Blaise Users Conference, and as such be a little harder to reach.

Spacy Conversations

Stuff you hear in the train can be quite interesting. Last week I was taking the train home from Delft. The train was quite crowded, but I managed to find a place to sit. During the stop in The Hague, two men sat down beside me. They started a heated debate on Dutch Space technology and the role our government should play in it.

Local elections basic training

Municipal elections are just around the corner in the Netherlands. on march 7th, the people will be voting for their local government.

Webstandards in Visual Studio 2005

One of the things i'm working on Is the development of Visual Studio 2005 templates for web applications. These will be used internally, in a large organisation.

Blog ethics

Thoughts on what to publish on your weblog, and what you should leave. No, this is not a stab at 37 signals, if you thought so, please move along.

Ancient history

A little bit on the first digital camera I used, a Sony FD91, all the way back in 1999.



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