Buzzword bedazzlement

The webdesign world has been more occupied with inventing buzzwords lately then writing quality content.

Cameron Moll recently invented "website re-alignment". That's marketing-speak for "Minor redesign", in which you change very little, and produce lots of reasons for not changing much.

Dan Cederholm recently discovered he really didn't like using the term "hack", for err... hacking a stylesheet so it works in bad browsers. He suggested naming it a "patch". I suggest, just make the CSS work, and don't worry about how you are going to talk to some PR-guy about what you did technically.

Anne van Kesteren switched from HTML to XHTML, to XHTML2, to HTML4.01, to HTML5. I forget where we are now. Since he closed his comments on his latest inflammatory post: Anne; XHTML has its place in
society, just like HTML. If you don't know how to make XHTML work in large scale websites, that's not a problem in the spec. And if you are afraid of potential flame wars, maybe you should consider not to post
these articles at all.

Web 2.0
. By god. don't get me started. Strangely, I haven't ever had clients screaming for "AJAX Web2.0 social experiences". Besides, we are on Web 4.0 right now, counting ARPA-net and Usenet. Stop thinking of ways to make your work sound cool. It's getting old.

While we are on the topic of baseless hype, let's bring up Mint again. Let's all get crazy because some A-lister releases something. But I hear you cry "The site is so cooool and gorgeous!!1!1!!". Yes, and if Zeldman sells his broken toilet on ebay, you would probably buy that too.

Flock. Okay. best quote ever:

I do think the way we look at the internet is about to change dramatically. And with the open source movement getting further into the mainstream of business, programmes like Flock have a better chance than ever of shaping the change.

Wow. That's impressive for Firefox and some integrated extensions.

I would love to see web standards bloggers focussing more on the technology to make websites work the way we want them, instead of thinking up names for all the stuff. Clients really don't care how many buzzwords you apply on their website, they just want it to work. Oh hey, I attacked some A-list bloggers. I guess soon s riding dinosaurs will once again walk the earth, and rivers of lava will flow freely across the land.

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