How to vote YES in a referendum

Voting has begun in the latest popular test of the European Union's constitution, in the Dutch referendum. A new poll shows 60 percent of voters here oppose the charter, five percent more than the number who rejected it in France.

Here is a little guide on how to vote, as I did this morning.

1. Get your card.


Everyone who is allowed to vote gets one. It also contains the location of your designated polling station.

2. Go outside.


I walked: It was a lovely morning.

3. Arrive at the designated polling station


Mine was located in a nearby school.

4. Processing


Hand in your card, get line number. But there almost never is a line, so I could go right ahead to the voting booth.

5. Marvel at the voting machine


For you americans out there: this is a voting-computer. We did away with punchcards in the sixties. Only third world countries don't use computers.

6. Make your choice


And press the right button.

7. Confirm


Confirm your vote by pressing the Big Red Button.

There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

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