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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2005 .

The articles

A couple of questions for Faruk Ateş

To celebrate the launch of his improved website, I had a little chat with Faruk, whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

On pagerank

My father is a Statistician, and encountered a nice article on Google Pagerank in one of the occupational magazines.


An easy question: How to sell web standards to political parties, or let them make an issue out of it?

Hayobethlehem.nl V5

After more then 7 years of blue limbo, the site suddenly changed its colour. Amazing. Why?

Buzzword bedazzlement

The webdesign world has been more occupied with inventing buzzwords lately then writing quality content.

Car Reviews: Opel Agila

For three weeks I had the pleasure of driving a car to a client. The good bit was, the car was provided by the employer. Not wanting to let this beautiful experience go to waste, I wrote up a little review.

Marketing misery

Experiences with press bulletins as seen from a local media perspective. For my work at the community radio station used to be chief editor for the TV channel, and therefore see a lot of press bulletins.

Much ado about clogs

For the two years or so, a group of Dutch bloggers from the web standards scene have been getting together at meet ups, chatting and e-mailing together, organising things together.

IE7 beta redux

I got my hands on the Internet Explorer 7 Beta. Here some first impressions.

Webstandards back in perspective

Sometimes you get the feeling all web standards discussion is getting a bit esoteric. XHTML versus HTML or Atom versus RSS discussions, for example are all great in the name of science, but let's hop back to the real world for a second.


Now that the Atom 1.0 specification is pretty much final and waiting for approval, I have updated my feeds to the new standard.

Google Earth Launches

Google has taken the wraps off of Google Earth, a standalone application that combines its Keyhole 3D satellite imagery with the best features of Google Local and Maps.

Going medieval on a camera

Last week I received a free digital camera with my order of printing paper. Since I wasn't really impressed by it's looks, I decided to disembowel the camera.

How to vote YES in a referendum

Voting has begun in the latest popular test of the European Union's constitution, in the Dutch referendum. A new poll shows 60 percent of voters here oppose the charter, five percent more than the number who rejected it in France.

Webstandards adoption policies

It's getting harder and harder to ignore web standards in Europe. Did you know the European Union has all kinds of web standards in their on-line publishing guidelines?

On the European Constitution

The European Constitution is an important step in the construction of Europe. It is designed to meet the challenges of an enlarged Europe: a Europe of 25 Member States and 450 million inhabitants (and even more later on); a democratic, transparent, efficient Europe working to serve all Europeans. The European Constitution replaces the main existing Treaties with a single text.

Downunder 3: Heading north

The third and final part of the sage, in which the fellowship visits the smoldering ruins of the north island.

Downunder 2: Misty Mountains

Part two of the Saga of the Travels to the South of the Globe, in which our hero crosses the Tasman and arrives in New Zealand.

Downunder 1: Heading south

Tristan kept bugging me about writing something up about my travels to the wrong side of the globe. So here is part one of three.

How much is the fish?

Excuse me for sounding a bit incoherent, here's the reason why.

Flickr is boring

Some updates on the custom application that powers my photo albums.

The scourge of referrer spam

If you keep track of referrers to your website, no doubt you have come across this problem.

The Bethlehem name thing

Often I get questions about my last name. Am I Jewish? Does my family come from the Israel area? Am I religious at all? The answers are no, no and no. But they lead me to research my past for a bit, and here are the results.

Hayobethlehem.nl V4

I've been tinkering with the design for a bit. You'll notice you no longer have to hug your screen to read anything. Not that there's anything wrong with hugging your screen, It's now optional.

Van Cha’SaD vagh!

Another arbitrary increment on the chronometer. History begins at the point where we begin counting the time. That is the system that made us and to that psychology tells us to be in touch with the full of that history. Repression has to pay the price of repeating history. Not repressing means that we are confronted with the truth of why and what we didn't respect but actually have to.



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