Weblog - 2005

This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2005 .

The articles

Agile Business Analyst

A detailed article about the spectrum of work for an agile business analyst.

Better Video-conferencing

A description how I set myself up for next level videoconferencing.

HayoBethlehem.nl V14

Can you believe the last design was already seven years old? It was time for a change. I spent a few weeks working on this website, and finally, the results are in.

The levels of strategy

A quick overview of how to deal with different levels of strategic thinking in large organisations.

First Birthday

How is Alexander doing, a year after being born?


How we recovered from the liver donor operations.

Transplantation Surgery

An article about my liver operation.

Liver Donor Operation Q&A

A list of frequently asked questions about the donor operation.

In Between

What where we doing when Alexander was not in the hospital?

Living liver donor

On becoming a living donor.

Liver transplantation

Alexander wasn't done after the Kasai operation. He needed a new liver.

Kasai procedure

About Alexanders Kasai Operation.

Biliary atresia

On biliary artresia.

Alexander Felix Bethlehem

On april 5th 2017, at 19:30, my son was born in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. We named him Alexander Felix Bethlehem.

Olympus E-10 Camera Review

A short review of the first fourthirds mirrorless photo camera.

Project video for Zonnigdak

A description of how I shot this video.

Visiting Chornobyl

The Chornobyl exclusion zone is a place of interest for nuclear physicists, urbex photographers and end of the world-fans alike. I happily found myself in the position to check it out.

Four days in Edinburgh

What to do during a city trip to Edinburgh

City trip to Ottawa

An article about my city trip to Ottawa.

20 year career anniversary

A look back at the start of my career, 20 years ago.

The Romans in Holland

An article about Romans in Alphen aan den Rijn.

London weekend trip

An account of my trip to London.

Nikon 105mm Macro lens review

A review of the Nikon AF-S 105mm Micro lens.

Powered by WordPress

An article about why I switched to using Wordpress.

Visiting the Delta Project

An article about visiting the Delta Project.

Photographic archaeology

An article about my dads old Praktica camera.

200 year Kingdom concert

My experiences attending a royal concert.

Nikon 70-200 AF-S review

A review of the Nikkor 70-200 AF-S VR1.

Hybridconf in Cardiff

An article about my trip to Cardiff.

Nikon AF-S 80-200 f2.8 review

An article about the Nikkor AF-S 80-200 f2.8.

Nikon D7100 review

An article about my new Nikon D7100.

Torc waterfall

An article about testing out my kessler pocketdolly.

Updated demo reel

An article about the new version of my demo reel.

Nikon D200 versus D7000

An article about quick comparison between the two D-slrs.

HayoBethlehem.nl V13

An article about my refurbished website.

Travel to Slovakia

A report of a road trip to Slovakia.

Farmers golf tournament

A video of the 2011 national farmers golf tournament.

Holiday on Malta

A review of my trip to the island nation of Malta.

Roadtrip to Italy

An article about a road trip to Italy.

Wales roadtrip

A video of my roadtrip through Wales.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

An article about my 2010 phone upgrade.

Sennheiser wireless audio

An article about the Sennheiser wireless audio system.

Omroep Rijnwoude website redesign

An article about a website launch.

Local radio station promo

A promotional video of a local radio station, specifically about its radio broadcasting facilities.

Interview with Arend Jan Boekestijn

A video of an interview with Arend Jan Boekestijn.

Back from Washington DC

An article about my trip to Washington DC.

Municipal council meeting

A video of a special municipal council meeting in Rijnwoude.

Queen Beatrix visits Boskoop

A video of the royal visit to Boskoop.

Roman legionnaires in Archeon

A video of roman legionnaire impersonators.

Balloon trip

A video of my balloon trip.

Website revision 12.1

An article about the recent changes to this website.

Trekkertrek 2010

A video of the Trekkertrek event in Koudekerk.

Basin unvealing

A video of the unveiling of a new rain water basin.

Hazerswoude cycling race 2010

A video of the annual cycling races in Hazerswoude Dorp.

New toys for fire department

A video about the new firetruck of the Hazerswoude fire department.

Trip to Slovakia

A video of my trip to Slovakia.

Nikkor 17-55 AF-S

An article about the Nikkor 17-55 AF-S lens.

Bollenrit 2010

A video of the local car rally.

Dutch municipal elections 2010

An article about how I kept myself busy during the municipal elections in 2010.

Spanbeton temporary bridge

A video about the first in a series of large scale transports.

Some old video content

A relaxing video I shot a while ago.

HayoBethlehem.nl V12

An article about the twelfth design update to this website.

Opening of childrens forest

A video of the opening of a childrens forest.

Benthuizen fire department

A video of the new facility for the Benthuizen fire department.

Shooting transformers

An article about how I shot a group of transformers moving through Hazerswoude-Rijndijk.

Hazerswoude summer market 2009

An article about the annual summer marktet.

Tug of war

A video about the tug of war contest in Koudekerk a/d Rijn.

Trekkertrek 2009

A video of the trekkertrek event in Koudekerk.

HayoBethlehem.nl V11

An article about yet another website style update.

Thinktank Streetwalker Pro review

An article reviewing the Thinktank Streetwalker Pro photo and video backpack.

Connexxion hybrid bus

A video of the new Connexxion hybrid bus.

47th Rietveld rowing championship

A video of the rowing championship in Rietveld.

The illusion of opinion polls

An article about the pitfalls of relying on opinion polls for data.

Shooting football

An article with video of a football tournament.

Ikea raid

An article about a bookcase.

Wind mill day 2009

A video of a couple of Dutch windmills.

Egypt album published

An announcement about the fact that there's a new photo album about the Egypt trip.

Queensday 2009

An article about shooting on queensday.

Tree nursery museum

A video about the Boskoop tree nursery museum.

Bollenrit classic car rally

A video news item about a classic car rally in Hazerswoude Dorp.

On content delivery

An article about third party content delivery on this website.

Oldschool Woubrugge

A video experiment in Woubrugge.

Medieval times

A video shot in Archeon.

Municipal merger debate

A video of a municipal council meeting in Boskoop.

Back in the loop

An article about projects and updates in my work history.


An article about the new Sony Z5e.

Finest moment

An article and video about worldskills 2003.

Macro photography primer

An article about the Nikon 60mm macro lens.

HTC Touch Diamond

An article detailing my recent acquisition of a HTC Touch Diamond smartphone.

Twips primer

An article about how screen resolution conversion methods affect website design.

A few changes

An article about some additions to the website.

HayoBethlehem.nl V10

An article about the launch of version 10 of HayoBethlehem.nl.

1814 relives in Archeon

A video of a living history event in archaeological theme park Archeon.

Thoughts on HTML5

An article about redundant tags in HTML5.

Through different glass

An article describing choices in hyperlocal web video production.

Life update

An article about the changes in my life and work.

Fire department contest

A video of a local fire department contest

My top 9 social web applications

An article about my favourite social web applications.

RandstadRail lightrail first day

A video about the LightRail train network around The Hague.

A roadtrip through Scotland

An article about my roadtrip to Scotland.

Life update

An article about changes in my life and my vacation in Scotland.

Lighting glass

An article about how to light elaborate glass constructs.

POS Acronyms

An article about the overuse of marketing language.


An article about a trip on a sixty year old airplane.

Going wide

An article about my new wide-angle lens.

RijnGouwelijn: yay or nay?

An article about a light rail construction project nearby.

Working for the man

An article about changing jobs and working for the government.

On small islands

An article about my upcoming trip to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

D200 and Nikon CLS

An article about using wireless remote flash with a Nikon D200.

Flickr is dead

An article about the decline of photo-sharing service Flickr.com

Rijnwoude.nl Redesign

An article about the redesign of a municipal government website.

Webdesign predictions 2007

An article about my predictions for web design trends in 2007.

Hemp flavoured goodness

An article about my new National Geographic camera bag.

Political Polling Publication

An article about the launch of a website about political opinion polls.

Widescreen Website Woes

An article about the problems of large screen resolutions and how to deal with it in website design.

Photokina 2006

An article about me visiting the Photokina 2006 photography trade show.

Social tagging is evil

An article about the problems of social tagging in web applications.

Change in the air

An article about getting a new job.

Back from Norway

An article about my return from Norway.

Meet my new Nikon

An article about my recently acquired Nikon D200 digital camera.

Hayobethlehem.nl V9

An article about yet another website relaunch.

Easy website performance testing

An article about how you can quickly test a websites' performance.

IBUC 2006

An article about my work for an academic conference.

Spacy Conversations

An article about an overheard conversation about nano satellites.

Local elections basic training

An article about campaigning for municipal government elections.

Webstandards in Visual Studio 2005

An article about web standards support in Visual Studio 2005.

Ancient history

An article about a really old digital camera.

On pagerank

An article about the methodology of pagerank.

Hayobethlehem.nl V5

An article about a new site design.

Buzzword bedazzlement

A rant about buzzwords and hype in the web design community.

Car Reviews: Opel Agila

A review of the Opel Agila.

Marketing misery

A rant about the failure of communication policy.

IE7 beta redux

An article about the first Internet Explorer 7 beta preview.

Webstandards back in perspective

An article about web standards from a local perspective.


An article about updating my feeds to the Atom 1.0 standard.

How to vote YES in a referendum

A photo essay about how to vote in a referendum in the Netherlands.

Webstandards adoption policies

An article about web standards on European Union level.

On the European Constitution

An article about the European Constitution, and what it all means.

Downunder 3: Heading north

The third and final part of my account of the trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Downunder 2: Misty Mountains

The second part of three about my trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Downunder 1: Heading south

The first part of three about my trip to Australia and New Zealand.

How much is the fish?

An article about my return from New Zealand and sleep deprivation.

Flickr is boring

An article about site updates in the photography section.

The scourge of referrer spam

An article about combating referral spam in web statistics.

The Bethlehem name thing

An article about my heritage and family name.

Hayobethlehem.nl V4

An article about website size issues and a redesign.


An article about internationalization problems on websites.


An article about Sinterklaas celebrations in the Netherlands.

21st century mobility

An article about my new Samsung e710 cellphone.

XHTML, HTML, media types

An article about XHTML and media types.

Back from Ireland

An article about my return from Ireland.

Work. work. vacation!

An article about a change of work an holiday plans.

The making of a documentary

The making of section taken from my school graduation project dvd.

Gmail. Fusion. Work.

An article about the Gmail introduction by Google.


An article about my trip to Carhaix, France.

Hayobethlehem.nl: reloaded

An article about the redesign of this website.

Back from Adobe expo

An article detailing an Adobe conference I attended.

Hsl tunnel project pictures

An article about the high speed rail tracks that run through Rijnwoude.

Plugins illegal?

An article about plugins in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Back from holidays

An article about several topics.

Worldskills championship report

An article about my participation in the Worldskills championship 2003.

Worldskills championship contender

An article about my participation in Worldskills 2003.

New site released

A notification of the release of the website for VVD Rijnwoude.

Rijngouweroute light rail connection

An article about a lightrail project in Rijnwoude.

Recent website updates

An article describing some changes to the website.


An article about a trip to Luxembourg.

Holland Tour 2002

An article about a great trip through the Netherlands, all in one day.

New Site design online

A notice about an update on the website.

Back from holiday

A short notice about the website development.



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