Work. work. vacation!

About a week after concluding my work at Zappwerk, I got an offer to help out one of the largest ad agencies in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately the company was located in the centre of Rotterdam. This meant that I had to travel for one and a half hour to get there. Taking full advantage of the ever feared Dutch public transport system, I had to use bus, train and subway to get there.

The company was located on the top three floors of the World trade center, one of the highest buildings in Rotterdam. This ensured I had a lovely view of the city whilst chugging out steaming piles of CSS.

The coffee was great, unfortunately after one week, the work was done.

No more work for me starting from the 12th of July, I'll be on a three week vacation to Ireland. First we are going to take the boat to England, we will then crossover to the west coast and take the boat to Ireland. Arriving there we will take a round trip by car. Much photography and relaxing will be involved.

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