May1st reboot and roundup

Needless to say, we returned from London unharmed, though Zef was strip-searched once.

You may have noticed the banner bottom-right in the site saying ‘May 1st Reboot’. Word got to me that there was some confusion about what it meant. so here:

May 1st Reboot is a worldwide, international, cross-disciplinary event. It is unique and of growing significance to anyone interested in the community of Web Design and the creative industry of those authors who take part.

On the 25th of April, participants will replace their websites with a Reboot placeholder. One week later, in a timed event on May 1st, all participants will release a fully redesigned website.

Concluding, my new website will go online May 1st! It will be standards compliant through the use of XHTML and CSS2. Also, most applications running in the site will be updated.

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