Gmail. Fusion. Work.

So like all bloggers out here, I finally got a Gmail account. Apparently, this raises my Cool with +5. Update: All invitations spent. Better luck next time!

Or more likely, begged one from Anne van Kesteren; Thanks for that. There is no easy way for getting an account. Gmail is still a b├Ęta product. To test how the system works, the nice folks at Google have handed out invites to people they deem cool enough for them. People who have an account, get invites, which enable them to give others the opportunity to try the service as well. The oil slick spreads, it gets talked about on weblogs, etcetera. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to use my 1 gigabyte of storage space!

Further events include me getting f*cked over by a certain recruitment agency. They use a unique system of bait and switch, in which promises aren't always what they seem. Beware when dealing with them!

Concluding this rant, I've added a most recent picture picture on the side here. Since nobody is expecting me to bore them with the details of every picture I put up here, You can no instantly see which was added most recently. That is nice, unless of course you really want me to bore you. Do you?

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