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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2004 .

The articles


On problems with multiple language websites.


Sinterklaas has arrived in The Netherlands again. Actually, he already arrived last week. Today his advance continued with a visit to my village. In the spirit of festivities I provide you with the Sinterklaas Layout.

Off to Luxembourgh

Repeating 2002, I'm off to Luxembourgh, to join my dad at Eurostat. Update: got back, got snow. fun.

21st century mobility

Got my new cellphone today. Apparently, I missed a couple of steps in mobile phone evolution.

XHTML, HTML, media types

While the webdesign has been immersed into the new found beauty of standards based design, People in the higher echelons are discussing the merits of XHTML versus HTML and media types.

Sports and geeks don’t mix very well

Strangely, I found a way in which the two do mix. A couple of weeks ago an old school friend invited me to come and watch the training of his American Football team.

Back from Ireland

Three weeks of goodness come to a close.

Work. work. vacation!

About a week after concluding my work at Zappwerk, I got an offer to help out one of the largest ad agencies in the Netherlands.

The making of a documentary

When my group delivered the dvd documentary about Paleiskwartier in Den Bosch, we added this little making-off short on it.

Gmail. Fusion. Work.

So like all bloggers out here, I finally got a Gmail account. Apparently, this raises my Cool with +5. Update: All invitations spent. Better luck next time!


I've been travelling a lot the last 12 month. A week ago I returned from a little trip to Carhaix, in France.

Weblogs definitely suck

Or, probably the reverse, I suck at weblogging. Therefore, only a small update.

Hayobethlehem.nl: reloaded

Finally the wait is over. Coinciding with the May 1 reboot and the expansion of the European Union, this could be as good an occasion as any to release V3 of HayoBethlehem.NL!

May1st reboot and roundup

Needless to say, we returned from London unharmed, though Zef was strip-searched once.

Off to london

Oh yeah, you know, school projects are such a drag. You have to go to London to interview people.

Bobsleigh stuff, or lack thereoff

This weekend I was away on a little trip to Winterberg, Germany. We were supposed to go watch the Bobsleigh World cup.

Busy little bee

Just a quick update. I've been (and still am) rather busy. Started this week with the final project for school. In a group we're going to make a documentary, in a very short timeframe.



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