Back from holidays

Back from holidays

On Monday the holidays will be over, and time for me to go back to work.

Wednesday I returned on a plane from a congress in Berlin. I went there with my father. The spare time we had we spent touring the city. We went to Berlin only two days after we had arrived from our holiday in Slovenia. You can't say I haven't been nowhere this summer.

During my free time I have been upgrading my site a bit. The code has been upgraded from HTML to XHTML. Some bugs were fixed, like the positioning of the content. Most of you won't have noticed this, because you all use Internet Explorer. Anyway, the positioning was a bit off on Macs and in Opera. The Photography section has had an overhaul; there are now albums, to which I will continue to add nice pictures.

Last but not least, it appeared there was a little problem with the guestbook; reactions would fail to post (yeah, I really do think I mist thousands of really interesting comments, I really do... right). It works properly now, so fire away! Please?

Browse through some pictures in this related photo album.

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