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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2003 .

The articles

Congrats to Radio Rijnwoude

During the OLON Festival the local radio station won the first prize for best website for dutch local radio stations, and thus bagged some €500,- worth of prize money.

Back from Adobe expo

Adobe Systems had organized a series of events, to show creative professionals their new and improved line of products, named "Creative Suite". In a series of presentations an overview was given of the new products and new features of existing products.

Hsl tunnel project pictures

In 2007 the Netherlands will become part of the Trans-European network of high-speed rail links. The HSL will link Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

Plugins illegal?

Via Slashdot come news that Microsoft has lost a court battle against what appears to be a small, opportunistic company called Eolas.

Back from holidays

On Monday the holidays will be over, and time for me to go back to work.

Absent minded at werfpop

Today I accompanied the band Absent Minded to a local rock festival "WerfPop". I'm sort off the band's photographer.

Worldskills championship report

Last Thursday was in my opinion the conclusion of a wonderful couple of weeks.

Worldskills championship contender

As some of you might already know, on june 14th I will be going to Swiss, as part of the dutch national team that will participate in the bi-annual WorldSkills Competition.

New site released

Early this week was the long expected release date for the brilliant new website for the local political party, the VVD.

Rijngouweroute light rail connection

The Province of South Holland is preparing a test with light rail between Gouda and Alphen a/d Rijn. This connection runs right behind my house. The test will last about three years and be split into the following phases.



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