Recent website updates

Recent website updates

Real hardcore fans (If they exist, please let me know!) might have noticed some tiny changes in this website. For those less frequent visitors (note: all of you), here's a little update.

In the section "About me" I have added two new items, one about the area I live in and one about the municipality of Rijnwoude, where I live. This last one has some neat photographs.

Other changes include an update of the factsheet and some minor code cleanup in other less important area's of the site.

Concluding, I have changed the Flash Menubar to the left for some JPEG images, It's much more reliable now.

The new website.

Of course, if YOU have any idea's on how to make this website better suit your needs, let me know through the "Contact" section, where you can find an answering form and the Guestbook.

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