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This is where you find chronological updated information about my life, work and hobbies. This page holds links to all articles from the year 2002 .

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Recent website updates

Real hardcore hayobethlehem.nl fans (If they exist, please let me know!) might have noticed some tiny changes in this website. For those less frequent visitors (note: all of you), here's a little update.


Fall break is generally boring, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I heard my father had to go to Luxembourg, to an Eurostat meeting.

Holland Tour 2002

Yesterday me and Matthijs went completely mad. We have had this crazy idea about travelling around in Holland for an entire day for some time now.

New Site design online

It took me 3 weeks, on holiday in Denmark and Sweden, but the new site is finally completed.

Back from holiday

My vacation in Sweden has come to an end, time to finish the site.



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