Hayo Bethlehem


First Birthday

Alexander A little over four months after coming home from the hospital. And all is going well.


Alexander The operations were the easy part, recovery from them was quite another thing. We spent a total of four weeks in hospital recovering, before going home.

Transplantation Surgery

Alexander November fourteenth was the last day a deceased donor could be found for Alexander. That moment went by quickly, as they started preparing me for operation at six o'clock in the morning.

Liver Donor Operation Q&A

Alexander As not much could be said anymore before the operation, I devised this list of frequently asked questions with my father. Here I try to answer some detailed questions on the operation.

In Between

Alexander What where we doing when Alexander was not in the hospital? Since his diagnosis the care we had to give him went up tremendously.

Living liver donor

Alexander During Alexanders donor screening it became quite clear that if we wanted him to survive, hard choices needed to be made. For a child his age, the chances of getting a liver from a diseased donor are slim. So the only other option would be a living donor. Both me and Zuzana immediately volunteered.

Liver transplantation

Alexander All children with biliary atresia need a liver transplant at some point in their life, usually before the age of 20. A Kasai procedure can make the affected liver last a bit longer, but it is only a holding action, no permanent solution.

Kasai procedure

Alexander A routine checkup turned into something more. After Alexanders' biopsy, doctors were surprised by the absence of scar tissue, and thus biliary artresia. Two weeks later, we had a check up in Groningen to see how he was doing. Except we would be staying more than a week.

Biliary atresia

Alexander For a long time, no diagnosis could be made of what was wrong with Alex. The doctors had a long list of possible causes of his liver problems. With a large number of tests, scans and other examinations they attempted to find to true cause. In the end the most probable cause turned out to Biliary Artresia.

Alexander Felix Bethlehem

Alexander On april 5th 2017, at 19:30, my son was born in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. We named him Alexander Felix Bethlehem.

Project video for Zonnigdak

Video This was the first time I did a "full stack" commercial video production, so I thought it might be interesting to take you through the process.

Visiting Chornobyl

Travel The Chornobyl exclusion zone is a place of interest for nuclear physicists, urbex photographers and end of the world-fans alike. I happily found myself in the position to check it out.

A view on Edinburgh Castle from the Scott Monument.

Four days in Edinburgh

Travel For the graduation ceremony of Zuzana's University degree, We had to pick a nice location. All options considered, Edinburgh turned out to be the best. We spent a nice long weekend exploring the city, celebrating, and eating lovely food.

City trip to Ottawa

Travel My brother and I had the great opportunity to accompany our father on a business trip to Canada. He had to give a lecture at Statistics Canada, so we decided to stay for a week and walk around the city of Ottawa.

20 year career anniversary

Work My previous post about Romans alerted me to the fact that this summer, it is 20 years ago that I started my working life.

The Romans in Holland

Journal Last Friday I travelled to the local archeological theme park 'Archeon', as they had some Roman legionnaires over for two weeks. This offered a great opportunity for some photography, and possibly some conversations on life 2000 years ago.

City of Westminster, London

London weekend trip

Travel London is a great city to visit. Having been there quite a few times now, the experience is always different. To celebrate my dad becoming special professor at the Leiden University, we decided it was time for a city trip.

Nikkor AF-S 105mm Micro

Nikon 105mm Macro lens review

Gear The 105mm is currently the best Macro lens Nikon has on offer. I bought it to replace my 60mm Macro lens. Does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the investment?

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Website I finally jumped off the cliff, and migrated hayobethlehem.nl to Wordpress. But why? I hear you ask.

Visiting the Delta Project

Journal We just came back from a short trip to view the Delta Project, and a road trip through the Zeeland province.