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HayoBethlehem.nl V14

Can you believe the last design was already seven years old? It was time for a change. I spent a few weeks working on this website, and finally, the results are in.

The levels of strategy

As a business analyst I spend a lot of time talking to people. But not all people talk in the same ‘language’, on the same level, and with the same idea on what is being discussed.

First Birthday

A little over four months after coming home from the hospital. And all is going well.


The operations were the easy part, recovery from them was quite another thing. We spent a total of four weeks in hospital recovering, before going home.

Transplantation Surgery

November fourteenth was the last day a deceased donor could be found for Alexander. That moment went by quickly, as they started preparing me for operation at six o'clock in the morning.

Liver Donor Operation Q&A

As not much could be said anymore before the operation, I devised this list of frequently asked questions with my father. Here I try to answer some detailed questions on the operation.

In Between

What where we doing when Alexander was not in the hospital? Since his diagnosis the care we had to give him went up tremendously.

Living liver donor

During Alexanders donor screening it became quite clear that if we wanted him to survive, hard choices needed to be made. For a child his age, the chances of getting a liver from a diseased donor are slim. So the only other option would be a living donor. Both me and Zuzana immediately volunteered.

Liver transplantation

All children with biliary atresia need a liver transplant at some point in their life, usually before the age of 20. A Kasai procedure can make the affected liver last a bit longer, but it is only a holding action, no permanent solution.

Kasai procedure

A routine checkup turned into something more. After Alexanders' biopsy, doctors were surprised by the absence of scar tissue, and thus biliary artresia. Two weeks later, we had a check up in Groningen to see how he was doing. Except we would be staying more than a week.

Biliary atresia

For a long time, no diagnosis could be made of what was wrong with Alex. The doctors had a long list of possible causes of his liver problems. With a large number of tests, scans and other examinations they attempted to find to true cause. In the end the most probable cause turned out to Biliary Artresia.

Alexander Felix Bethlehem

On april 5th 2017, at 19:30, my son was born in the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. We named him Alexander Felix Bethlehem.

Olympus E-10 Camera Review

This is the second camera I ever owned. Lets take a trip down memory lane and see what this old timer was all about,

Project video for Zonnigdak

This was the first time I did a "full stack" commercial video production, so I thought it might be interesting to take you through the process.

Visiting Chornobyl

The Chornobyl exclusion zone is a place of interest for nuclear physicists, urbex photographers and end of the world-fans alike. I happily found myself in the position to check it out.

Four days in Edinburgh

For the graduation ceremony of Zuzana's University degree, We had to pick a nice location. All options considered, Edinburgh turned out to be the best. We spent a nice long weekend exploring the city, celebrating, and eating lovely food.

City trip to Ottawa

My brother and I had the great opportunity to accompany our father on a business trip to Canada. He had to give a lecture at Statistics Canada, so we decided to stay for a week and walk around the city of Ottawa.

20 year career anniversary

My previous post about Romans alerted me to the fact that this summer, it is 20 years ago that I started my working life.

The Romans in Holland

Last Friday I travelled to the local archeological theme park 'Archeon', as they had some Roman legionnaires over for two weeks. This offered a great opportunity for some photography, and possibly some conversations on life 2000 years ago.

London weekend trip

London is a great city to visit. Having been there quite a few times now, the experience is always different. To celebrate my dad becoming special professor at the Leiden University, we decided it was time for a city trip.

Nikon 105mm Macro lens review

The 105mm is currently the best Macro lens Nikon has on offer. I bought it to replace my 60mm Macro lens. Does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the investment?

Powered by WordPress

I finally jumped off the cliff, and migrated hayobethlehem.nl to Wordpress. But why? I hear you ask.

Visiting the Delta Project

We just came back from a short trip to view the Delta Project, and a road trip through the Zeeland province.

Photographic archaeology

My dad was cleaning his attic, and found one of his old photo cameras. He gave it to me to tinker with it. So I started to research the little old Praktica a little bit.

200 year Kingdom concert

Celebrating the reinstatement of the Dutch monarchy 200 years ago, the Dutch government organised a number of events. I attended one of them.

Nikon 70-200 AF-S review

Recently I replaced my primary tele zoom with a shiny newer version.

Hybridconf in Cardiff

On invitation of Zach Inglis, I attended the conference he organised in Cardiff: HybridConf.

Nikon AF-S 80-200 f2.8 review

After getting this lens back from repairs, I felt like it finally needed a review on my website.

Nikon D7100 review

After using the Nikon D7000 for a year, Nikon finally suddenly announced it’s successor. I quickly upgraded as the D7100 fixes most of the problems I had with the D7000. A short overview.

Torc waterfall

During my holiday in Ireland I took the time to properly test out my Kessler Pocketdolly.

Updated demo reel

My previous demo reel was already 2 years old, and in need of heavy updating. So hereby I present you with the 2012 reel showing off my video work.

Nikon D200 versus D7000

After five year of having my Nikon D200 as a primary photo camera, it was time to upgrade. Budgets and the market what they are, I settled for the Nikon D7000. What are the differences?

HayoBethlehem.nl V13

Three year after the previous effort, it was time for a re-style of this website.

Travel to Slovakia

Another road trip through Europe, to Slovakia again.

Farmers golf tournament

Last Sunday i spent the afternoon in the sun, on the grasslands near Hazerswoude dorp. I was there to shoot the Farmers golf tournament.

Holiday on Malta

Fleeing the rain struck country of the Netherlands is usually a good idea, especially if the destination is a sunny island. Malta definitely ticked that box.

Roadtrip to Italy

We embarked on a road trip, headed for Pisa and Florence, respectively.

Wales roadtrip

My dad and I decided we wanted to visit the CVP video store near Birmingham. This plan turned into a road trip to Wales.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

The bi-yearly phone plan update had arrived, and I stood for the fairly difficult choice of a new mobile phone.

Sennheiser wireless audio

Last year, one of the items I shot ended up being used by a company on their website . Not short thereafter they agreed to sponsor us by buying a wireless audio set for the camera!

Omroep Rijnwoude website redesign

Today I launched the new website of Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude, after an extended period of development.

New years reception Rijnwoude

I’ve been shooting the new year reception of the municipal government for the past few years, but usually the quality of the content is so bad that I decide not to use it.

Local radio station promo

For the launch of the new website of Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude, I decided to shoot a new promotional video of the local radio station, specifically about its radio broadcasting facilities.

Christmas market in Hazerswoude

Some local entrepreneurs decided to organise a Christmas market in Hazerswoude-Dorp. I went out there for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude to shoot a short impression of what it was like.

Interview with Arend Jan Boekestijn

This week I shot a short interview with ex-politician Arend Jan Boekestijn. It was a year after he launched his book "De prijs van een slecht geweten", about the failure of humanitarian aid.

Back from Washington DC

A week worth of American experiences came to an end with my return from Washington DC.

Municipal council meeting

Last week the Rijnwoude municipal council had a special meeting where they invited someone of the provincial government to explain their views on the upcoming merger plans.

Churches in Rijnwoude

During national monument day all monumental buildings in the municipality were open to the public. This year, we took a look at some of the churches.

Queen Beatrix visits Boskoop

The queen stopped by in the nearby town of Boskoop, to open the new Flora-building. We managed to get accreditation for the press pool, and made a little video.

Roman legionnaires in Archeon

Every year the local archaeological theme park has a contigent of Roman soldiers visiting. This was a good moment to try out the new wireless microphone system.

Balloon trip

Last year I got a nice birthday present, and finally found time to use it. This is the video I shot of my balloon trip.

Website revision 12.1

I completed the half yearly maintenance update to the website, bringing some changes.

Trekkertrek 2010

It was time for Trekkertrek again, so I went out to shoot it. Unfortunately the weather turned extremely moist quite soon, so I didn't get as much material as I'd want. It was a good test run for the new wireless microphone rig though.

Basin unvealing

Unveiling of a basin for catching and temporarily storing rain water to prevent flooding. A short news item, shot by the book.

Hazerswoude cycling race 2010

Every year a cycling race is organised in Hazerswoude-dorp. Lots of people come to participate, and to watch from the sidelines how the cyclists whittle away at the 60 lap 1km course.

D66 elections bus tour

During the campaign of the 2010 Dutch parliamentary elections I was invited to one of the bus tours of liberal party D66. They asked me to shoot this video.

New toys for fire department

The Hazerswoude fire department took delivery of their new firetruck and invited the media for an unveiling.

Trip to Slovakia

At the beginning of may I went on holiday to Slovakia, and stayed there with my girlfriend at her parent's place.

Nikkor 17-55 AF-S

In my series about camera equipment, it's time for an article about this particular lens.

Bollenrit 2010

Last sunday some locals organised the third instalment of the classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

Dutch municipal elections 2010

A month ago we had municipal elections in the Netherlands. Although I didn't vote, I did lots of stuff to support different campaigns, and with great results. The biggest I did was to make a video registration of the election debate in Rijnwoude.

Spanbeton temporary bridge

Spanbeton is a concrete construction company from Koudekerk that had trouble getting their huge products across the river Rhine.

Some old video content

Here's a video I shot last year, when I just took control of the new sony Z5e.

HayoBethlehem.nl V12

2010. We're living in the future! Time to update the website again. To celebrate this new decade, I'm introducing new technology, and discarding some old.

Opening of childrens forest

A large event with lots of national celebrities, to open a forest, planted to remember children who fell victim to cancer.

Benthuizen fire department

A video of the new facility for the Benthuizen fire department. The firemen showed me around, and we had a little fun making an action movie.

Shooting transformers

On Friday September 4th a huge transport moved through my home town of Hazerswoude-Rijndijk. It took three days for the convoy of 3300000 kilo weighing power transformers to clear the town.

Hazerswoude summer market 2009

The Hazerswoude summer market closes the summer season with all kinds of activities.

Tug of war

Last wednesday I shot this movie for local media. It's a news item about the yearly tug of war contest.

Trekkertrek 2009

A video of the event of the year in Rijnwoude: Trekkertrek. A day of high powered tractor pulling, and all kinds of other fun activities.

HayoBethlehem.nl V11

It was time again for another style update to the website. Please try a hard refresh of the page to update the stylesheet and images.

Thinktank Streetwalker Pro review

To compliment my video kit I still needed a good backpack or shoulder bag that would fit the camera, and not be too massive. Today I finally stumbled upon the bag I was looking for.

Connexxion hybrid bus

A video of the new Connexxion hybrid bus, being test driven in Alphen a/d Rijn.

47th Rietveld rowing championship

A video of the traditional rowing championship in Rietveld, near Hazerswoude Dorp.

Prague 2009

Yesterday evening I returned from an amazing long weekend in the Czech capital Prague. Here's a picture of the Carls bridge by night.

The illusion of opinion polls

Mass media (radio, TV, newspapers) seem not to be very critical towards opinion polls. They simply accept poll results as news facts, and publish them without checking them. This overview of methodological problems of polls may help journalists to put opinion polls in a proper perspective.

Shooting football

Last week I had my first attempt at shooting sports with a video camera.

European elections problems

The Netherlands have been used to electronic voting for years. But because of minor concerns, the whole process is now back to the middle ages. And then problems arise.

Ikea raid

Finally a nice day off, resulted in part two of my bookcase.

Terry Pratchett Discworld List

Finally the complete chronological list of all Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels, with the novels I own marked. Great for when I'm in the book store, and don't remember which ones I still need to get!

Wind mill day 2009

During national windmill day I shot a short video of two local windmills.

Egypt album published

Two months ago I went to Egypt and back again. Finally I managed to put some pictures in an album and throw that online.

Queensday 2009

During the festivities on Queens day, April 30th, I went out with my camera to film the local events.

Tree nursery museum

A video of a rare tree in the tree nursery museum in Boskoop.

Bollenrit classic car rally

Last Sunday some locals organised a classic car rally. I went there for the local media to make a video item.

On content delivery

Some changes to the website and how to integrate content in your website.

Oldschool Woubrugge

A short video of the bridge in Woubrugge. Experimentation with post processing led to a short video trying to recreate that old film look and feel.

Medieval times

A short clip of the medieval section in archaeological theme park Archeon. Also throwing some Premiere pro filters around to see what sticks.

Municipal merger debate

The first HD video I shot with the Z5 for Stichting Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude. It details a municipal council meeting in Boskoop, where the members debate their unhappiness with the cancellation of the merging process by Rijnwoude.

Back in the loop

Oh my, have I become too sloppy with work updates again? A short overview.


A short video to see how HD content holds up in my webplayer.


A few months ago, the municipal government of Rijnwoude offered the local radio station a nice sum of money, to invest in cool projects. One of the items on the wishlist was a new videocamera.


Creating some images, and walking around The Hague, with Rob.


Proof of a wonderful dinner of home made sushi.

Last post of the year

I wish my millions upon millions of readers all the best for 2009. And let us hope for lots of great content on this website during that year!

Finest moment

Whilst digging through my dvd collection, I came across the DVD my school made about Worldskills 2003. I ripped a part of it for your viewing pleasure.

Video content test

I've been moaning about adding video capability to my website for quite a while, and finally, here it is.

Macro photography primer

Since Christmas 2007 I'm the proud owner of a Nikkor 60mm Micro Prime lens. This article contains a quick run-down of why this lens is made of awesome.

HTC Touch Diamond

As my usual two year Vodafone contract was coming to an end, it was time to renew, and pick a nice new phone. It became the HTC Touch Diamond.

Fashion model

She looks a bit like a fashion model, doesn't she? Picture taken as I was showing beautiful Madalina the Netherlands.

Twips primer

Whilst working for the website department of Dutch telecommunications company KPN, several months ago, we discovered an annoying CSS display problem concerning the resizing of boxes. We assumed it had to do with browser rendering problems, but the problem was a lot more interesting than that.

A few changes

Recent changes and notes for this website.

Services resumed

Ahh yes. Two weeks go by way to quickly! On Sunday evening, I got off the airplane on Schiphol, arriving from Cork.

Gone again, off to Ireland

Those of you expecting regular updates from now on, should hold their breath for two weeks, as I will be on vacation to Ireland, starting Saturday.

HayoBethlehem.nl V10

This website has been pretty boring since February. There were a few reasons for that. I'll be talking about those in future posts. I did use the lull productively, as I hereby launch my freshly improved website. You may need to refresh your cache.

1814 relives in Archeon

Archeon was warped back in time, to the year 1814, the year when the Peace of Paris was signed. For the occasion, more then 300 members of the Napoleontic Association of the Netherlands provided an accurate reconstruction of military life during that time.

Thoughts on HTML5

I have an issue with the HTML5 draft specification. I hadn't read it before, but poked around in it yesterday. I've come to the conclusion it's not what I want.

Why the USA can’t join the EU

A case study of why the United States of America could never join the European Union, based on financial rules (as geo-political reasons are probably too obvious to point out).

Ice skating in Koudekerk

It had not happened for a while, but finally the winter got cold enough for ice skating. This video gives an overview of the first cold weekend day when people could enjoy their skates.

Through different glass

Recently I took my first steps into the wonderful world of internet video publishing. As promised and requested, this post describes some of the finer details behind it.

Life update

A lot of changes since the last update. This either means a lot is happening, or I don't post updates often enough. Since I hear no one complaining about the lack of updates, I'll assume it's the former.

Fire department contest

The local volunteer-run fire departments regularly hold contests to test their skills. Departments from the nearby region are invited to run the course, the best department wins a price.

Light, flash and clay

Last weeks assignment took me to a few local artists. The pictures never turned into a reportage, but I wanted to shine some light on this particular image.

My top 9 social web applications

Seeing my last few posts in this section have been a bit negative, I thought it was time to do a more constructive article. Thus I present you my social web-applications top 10 9, consisting of the services I use (sorry, couldn't think of a number 10) and my thoughts on them.

RandstadRail lightrail first day

A video I shot during the first week of operation of RandstadRail, the lightrail network around The Hague.

Clogged tubes

Happyclog started back in 2004 as a loose group of standards-aware webdesigners. The initiative to meet up once a while and talk about standards, state of the web, the universe and everything, remained nameless until august 2005, when the group name was first coined.

A roadtrip through Scotland

The last two weeks I was away, on a grande tour of Scotland.

Life update

It's been very quiet around here the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update.

Lighting glass

A company gift turned interesting photography project. As a thank you for my services, the people at Directie Mobiele Diensten gave me this laser-engraved C2000 basestation.

Celebratory statement

It's always fun to reminisce the past. Today in ...

POS Acronyms

A small rant on the rebranding of well known industry terminology to Pointless Or Silly Acronyms.


My volunteer work for Lokale Omroep Rijnwoude took me to Schiphol Airport yesterday, to take pictures of a 63 year old Douglas DC-3.

Going wide

Recently I acquired an addition to my Nikon arsenal: the Tokina 12-24mm wide-angle zoom lens.

RijnGouwelijn: yay or nay?

The Province of South Holland has been talking about a light rail public transport connection between Gouda and Leiden, possibly stretching all the way to the North-Sea coast.

Working for the man

After I quit my job last December, I've had a nice long vacation, before being picked up for another job.

On small islands

Tonight I leave the Low Country on a plane for a short holiday on Lanzarote, a (hopefully) sunny island part of the Canary Islands.

D200 and Nikon CLS

One of the fun things on the Nikon D200 is the build-in flash; it can be used to command groups of external Speedlight flash units.

Flickr is dead

As of today I'm no longer actively using my Flickr account to post pictures, and moving all activities back to this website.

Rijnwoude.nl Redesign

Today the municipal government of my home town released a restyled website (5 days too early). At the committee meeting a few weeks ago they were really proud of it. The result is something that makes a grown man cry.

Webdesign predictions 2007

As 2006 comes to a close, it is time to review the webdesign predictions for 2007.

Change before christmas

It seems to be that time of the year; I'm switching again. And not to a Mac, you cheeky monkey.

Hemp flavoured goodness

Today I finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera bag. The low-down on my new National Geographic Earth Explorer shoulder bag.

Political Polling Publication

Parliamentary elections will take place on November 22th in The Netherlands. In the period before the elections several organizations attempt to predict the outcomes of this elections.

Widescreen Website Woes

This morning my mood really soured south when a project manager insisted a certain website should be designed for 1024x768px resolution.

Photokina 2006

Just because we could, on Sunday me and my dad went to the Photokina Photography Trade show in Köln, Germany.

Social tagging is evil

Lots of so-called "Web2.0" applications use social services to enhance their product experience. Lets discuss one of them.

Change in the air

The end of the summer brought, besides lots of rain, change and new opportunities.

Back from Norway

2 days ago I returned home from our road trip in sunny Norway.

Jeg trenger å øve på Norsken

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for a two week round trip through Norway.

Meet my new Nikon

Recently I acquired a brand new Nikon D200 DSLR. It will replace my D100 as main body.

Hayobethlehem.nl V9

Today we can celebrate the tenth anniversary of my presence on the intarwebs. On this exact date in 1996 I launched my very first attempts at web design.

Easy website performance testing

Now DHTML is back in the form of presentational javascript, it's always interesting to see how all these scripts influence the performance of a website.

IBUC 2006

The coming week I'll be attending the 10th International Blaise Users Conference, and as such be a little harder to reach.

Spacy Conversations

Stuff you hear in the train can be quite interesting. Last week I was taking the train home from Delft. The train was quite crowded, but I managed to find a place to sit. During the stop in The Hague, two men sat down beside me. They started a heated debate on Dutch Space technology and the role our government should play in it.

Local elections basic training

Municipal elections are just around the corner in the Netherlands. on march 7th, the people will be voting for their local government.

Webstandards in Visual Studio 2005

One of the things i'm working on Is the development of Visual Studio 2005 templates for web applications. These will be used internally, in a large organisation.

Blog ethics

Thoughts on what to publish on your weblog, and what you should leave. No, this is not a stab at 37 signals, if you thought so, please move along.

Ancient history

A little bit on the first digital camera I used, a Sony FD91, all the way back in 1999.

A couple of questions for Faruk Ateş

To celebrate the launch of his improved website, I had a little chat with Faruk, whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

On pagerank

My father is a Statistician, and encountered a nice article on Google Pagerank in one of the occupational magazines.


An easy question: How to sell web standards to political parties, or let them make an issue out of it?

Hayobethlehem.nl V5

After more then 7 years of blue limbo, the site suddenly changed its colour. Amazing. Why?

Buzzword bedazzlement

The webdesign world has been more occupied with inventing buzzwords lately then writing quality content.

Car Reviews: Opel Agila

For three weeks I had the pleasure of driving a car to a client. The good bit was, the car was provided by the employer. Not wanting to let this beautiful experience go to waste, I wrote up a little review.

Marketing misery

Experiences with press bulletins as seen from a local media perspective. For my work at the community radio station used to be chief editor for the TV channel, and therefore see a lot of press bulletins.

Much ado about clogs

For the two years or so, a group of Dutch bloggers from the web standards scene have been getting together at meet ups, chatting and e-mailing together, organising things together.

IE7 beta redux

I got my hands on the Internet Explorer 7 Beta. Here some first impressions.

Webstandards back in perspective

Sometimes you get the feeling all web standards discussion is getting a bit esoteric. XHTML versus HTML or Atom versus RSS discussions, for example are all great in the name of science, but let's hop back to the real world for a second.


Now that the Atom 1.0 specification is pretty much final and waiting for approval, I have updated my feeds to the new standard.

Google Earth Launches

Google has taken the wraps off of Google Earth, a standalone application that combines its Keyhole 3D satellite imagery with the best features of Google Local and Maps.

Going medieval on a camera

Last week I received a free digital camera with my order of printing paper. Since I wasn't really impressed by it's looks, I decided to disembowel the camera.

How to vote YES in a referendum

Voting has begun in the latest popular test of the European Union's constitution, in the Dutch referendum. A new poll shows 60 percent of voters here oppose the charter, five percent more than the number who rejected it in France.

Webstandards adoption policies

It's getting harder and harder to ignore web standards in Europe. Did you know the European Union has all kinds of web standards in their on-line publishing guidelines?

On the European Constitution

The European Constitution is an important step in the construction of Europe. It is designed to meet the challenges of an enlarged Europe: a Europe of 25 Member States and 450 million inhabitants (and even more later on); a democratic, transparent, efficient Europe working to serve all Europeans. The European Constitution replaces the main existing Treaties with a single text.

Downunder 3: Heading north

The third and final part of the sage, in which the fellowship visits the smoldering ruins of the north island.

Downunder 2: Misty Mountains

Part two of the Saga of the Travels to the South of the Globe, in which our hero crosses the Tasman and arrives in New Zealand.

Downunder 1: Heading south

Tristan kept bugging me about writing something up about my travels to the wrong side of the globe. So here is part one of three.

How much is the fish?

Excuse me for sounding a bit incoherent, here's the reason why.

Flickr is boring

Some updates on the custom application that powers my photo albums.

The scourge of referrer spam

If you keep track of referrers to your website, no doubt you have come across this problem.

The Bethlehem name thing

Often I get questions about my last name. Am I Jewish? Does my family come from the Israel area? Am I religious at all? The answers are no, no and no. But they lead me to research my past for a bit, and here are the results.

Hayobethlehem.nl V4

I've been tinkering with the design for a bit. You'll notice you no longer have to hug your screen to read anything. Not that there's anything wrong with hugging your screen, It's now optional.

Van Cha’SaD vagh!

Another arbitrary increment on the chronometer. History begins at the point where we begin counting the time. That is the system that made us and to that psychology tells us to be in touch with the full of that history. Repression has to pay the price of repeating history. Not repressing means that we are confronted with the truth of why and what we didn't respect but actually have to.


On problems with multiple language websites.


Sinterklaas has arrived in The Netherlands again. Actually, he already arrived last week. Today his advance continued with a visit to my village. In the spirit of festivities I provide you with the Sinterklaas Layout.

Off to Luxembourgh

Repeating 2002, I'm off to Luxembourgh, to join my dad at Eurostat. Update: got back, got snow. fun.

21st century mobility

Got my new cellphone today. Apparently, I missed a couple of steps in mobile phone evolution.

XHTML, HTML, media types

While the webdesign has been immersed into the new found beauty of standards based design, People in the higher echelons are discussing the merits of XHTML versus HTML and media types.

Sports and geeks don’t mix very well

Strangely, I found a way in which the two do mix. A couple of weeks ago an old school friend invited me to come and watch the training of his American Football team.

Back from Ireland

Three weeks of goodness come to a close.

Work. work. vacation!

About a week after concluding my work at Zappwerk, I got an offer to help out one of the largest ad agencies in the Netherlands.

The making of a documentary

When my group delivered the dvd documentary about Paleiskwartier in Den Bosch, we added this little making-off short on it.

Gmail. Fusion. Work.

So like all bloggers out here, I finally got a Gmail account. Apparently, this raises my Cool with +5. Update: All invitations spent. Better luck next time!


I've been travelling a lot the last 12 month. A week ago I returned from a little trip to Carhaix, in France.

Weblogs definitely suck

Or, probably the reverse, I suck at weblogging. Therefore, only a small update.

Hayobethlehem.nl: reloaded

Finally the wait is over. Coinciding with the May 1 reboot and the expansion of the European Union, this could be as good an occasion as any to release V3 of HayoBethlehem.NL!

May1st reboot and roundup

Needless to say, we returned from London unharmed, though Zef was strip-searched once.

Off to london

Oh yeah, you know, school projects are such a drag. You have to go to London to interview people.

Bobsleigh stuff, or lack thereoff

This weekend I was away on a little trip to Winterberg, Germany. We were supposed to go watch the Bobsleigh World cup.

Busy little bee

Just a quick update. I've been (and still am) rather busy. Started this week with the final project for school. In a group we're going to make a documentary, in a very short timeframe.

Congrats to Radio Rijnwoude

During the OLON Festival the local radio station won the first prize for best website for dutch local radio stations, and thus bagged some €500,- worth of prize money.

Back from Adobe expo

Adobe Systems had organized a series of events, to show creative professionals their new and improved line of products, named "Creative Suite". In a series of presentations an overview was given of the new products and new features of existing products.

Hsl tunnel project pictures

In 2007 the Netherlands will become part of the Trans-European network of high-speed rail links. The HSL will link Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

Plugins illegal?

Via Slashdot come news that Microsoft has lost a court battle against what appears to be a small, opportunistic company called Eolas.

Back from holidays

On Monday the holidays will be over, and time for me to go back to work.

Absent minded at werfpop

Today I accompanied the band Absent Minded to a local rock festival "WerfPop". I'm sort off the band's photographer.

Worldskills championship report

Last Thursday was in my opinion the conclusion of a wonderful couple of weeks.

Worldskills championship contender

As some of you might already know, on june 14th I will be going to Swiss, as part of the dutch national team that will participate in the bi-annual WorldSkills Competition.

New site released

Early this week was the long expected release date for the brilliant new website for the local political party, the VVD.

Rijngouweroute light rail connection

The Province of South Holland is preparing a test with light rail between Gouda and Alphen a/d Rijn. This connection runs right behind my house. The test will last about three years and be split into the following phases.

Recent website updates

Real hardcore hayobethlehem.nl fans (If they exist, please let me know!) might have noticed some tiny changes in this website. For those less frequent visitors (note: all of you), here's a little update.


Fall break is generally boring, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I heard my father had to go to Luxembourg, to an Eurostat meeting.

Holland Tour 2002

Yesterday me and Matthijs went completely mad. We have had this crazy idea about travelling around in Holland for an entire day for some time now.

New Site design online

It took me 3 weeks, on holiday in Denmark and Sweden, but the new site is finally completed.

Back from holiday

My vacation in Sweden has come to an end, time to finish the site.



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